Hauled it! Rimmel Japan Eyeshadow and Blusher Palettes

I’ve wanted these Rimmel Japan Eyeshadow Palettes for ages – but only just recently got to haul them.

Rimmel in the UK doesn’t really appeal to me, although I did recently get two lovely lipsticks from them. The base products and eyeshadows don’t appeal to me at all.

The Japan releases are a different matter – I think these combinations, whilst quite neutral, I still think they are quite funky looking.

I bought two, 3 and 5:


03 is a green and brown based palette, 05 is a pink and lilac set.


I’m not sure why I chose a hot pick eyeshadow palette – I guess its just rather different!

These eyeshadows are fairly soft and are definitely buildable…#alttext#

In a sense these eyeshadows have a very similar texture to other Japanese brands that are about.

They focus more on the shimmer than pigmentation – however, the darker colours are definitely easy to use:


The first shade is a sheer gold glitter, a light white shimmer, a mossy matte green and a blackened green with gold flecks.

The purple palette:


Once again this has a sparkly shimmery shadow, a while frosty colour, a hot blue based pink and mid toned purple. I actually think pinks suit me, especially when mixed with purples.

I picked one stripy blusher, in 002 – the rose/brown combination.


Its very pretty in the pan but its too light for my skintone – it barely shows up and its more like a light pink highlighter.


03 and 04 would have been better choices, but I wanted to try something different (04 would be my natural choice as I love oranges!).



Overall, not a knock out range from Rimmel Japan, but certainly preferable to the stuff they have over here which I find quite uninspiring bar the lipsticks and sexy curves mascara.

Would you buy products from the Rimmel Japan releases?

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  1. Elizabeth says

    I have a very similar pink and purple but never touched it for fear of diseased looking eyelids though over a coppery base I now reach for them relatively often. I wouldn’t go for Rimmel just as cruelty free status is something that I personally look for in products.

    • Row says

      Ah I don’t buy rimmel often I have to say – products are just so so for me

      I love pink and purple on my eyes but – i have to be in the mood for it!