Gift Guide: Pukka Herbs Love Organic Herbal Tea & Rosewater Spray Gift Se

I love herbal teas – I think they help so much in terms of clearing up the skin and digestion but I must confess I am a coca-cola and coffee addict. But I do try.

Pukka Herbs makes some of the nicest herbal teas out there, even though I generally prefer loose leaf Chinese and Japanese teas like Green Tea and Oolong – its super cheap from the supermarkets too.

Have you ever tried Twinings Green Tea? Have you? Its the most bitter, nasty tasting stuff. It would put you off Green Tea for life if you have never tried it in loose leaf form.

Delicious organic herbal tea Christmas packs - Pukka Herbs.jpg

This set actually caught my eye because of the Rosewater. Rosewater – plain – is one of my favourite toners ever. Just simple and lovely to use. (Check when you buy – I know Neal’s Yard Rosewater is pretty pure but a lot of ‘Rosewater’ toners actually contain lots of additives and even alcohol!).

A gentle spritz of our exceptionally pure Rosewater leaves your skin feeling radiant whilst helping you to feel instantly uplifted and refreshed. Spray liberally over your face and body as and when required. Use as a natural cleanser, toner and for gently removing make-up.

Love tea is a delicately sweet blend of flowers including rose, chamomile and lavender. It has fantastic soothing properties to help you feel wonderfully relaxed and cherished.

pukka love rosewater tea.jpg

Great Gift For:Friends who like organic/herbal things, Mums, Nans

What You Get: Full size LOVE tea and organic Rosewater face spray in a box.

Notes: Mmmm it looks pretty!

Buy it from: Pukka! Its £12.95 and £1.95 shipping.

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  1. says

    That set is soo darling, and I hate tea! I may just drink the annoying stuff if it came in such a pretty box.

    I have always heard good hings about rose water as toner (and for hair). Anyone see a different when they use it? what exactly does it do?