Haul: Bobbi Brown Metallic Lip Color in Chrome and Plum Pearl

I mentioned last week that from the moment I laid my eyes on the Bobbi Brown Chrome collection, I was a goner. I did a killing on the counter (pieces will be reviewed this week!) but I suggest you all go down to take a look if you love smoky, greys, silvers and chic-party sparkle.

I bought two of the new Metallic Lip Colours in Chrome and Plum Pearl (£15 each):

bobbi brown metallic lip color.jpg

Remember the visual I fell in love with? Well the goal was her lip colour:

bobbibrown chrome.jpg

The problem is, depending on who you ask, what was used on her lips changes. On Bobbi’s video with the making of this look, she clearly uses some silvery gloss on the model.

Anyway I was told the Plum Pearl with the Chrome on the top would give the same effect. Mmmm, okay, I said, I’m sold…

Bobbi Brown packaging, as always, is simple and quite chic. The lipsticks normally have a gold band around the middle, but its silver with the metallic lip colour:

bobbi brown metallic lip colour.jpg

Now, with the Chrome lipstick. Its silvery sheer shade – not too metallic – urgh, it would be hideous if it was too tin-man-like. It has glittery particles:

bobbi brown chrome lipstick.jpg

My lips are pretty pigmented so it lightened them just a bit:

bobbi brown chrome lipstick-1.jpg

The Pearl Plum:

bobbi brown metallic lipstick plum.jpg

Plums are my least favourite lip colours – I just don’t like how draining they are on me so I did have to be convinced to buy this one. The colour is sheer though – with subtle sparkle:

black plum pearl bobbi brown lipstick metallic.jpg

Layered on top of each other:

bobbi brown metallic lip colour-1.jpg

Its sort of close to what the model has, and is far more flattering that I expected. The model’s lips are more white-silver I think, so I could probably use a lip concealer with the chrome on top, or add a silver gloss if I really want to pale my lips out.

But for a wearable everyday alternative, I think these lipsticks work well.

They also have a really nice texture – very soft and moisturising to wear, and the shimmer is very subtle – good for those who don’t like and obvious glitter look.

Approved lippies for Christmas methinks!

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  1. says

    Wow, both lippies are lovely. I like the chrome a lot more than I thought I would. However, at US$22 + tax with my plethora of lippies… I’ll see if I can find it in duty free :)

  2. Jan says

    that looks like a really smooth & rich colour- but also sparkly (but not that sparkly) which i like 😀