Friday Giveaway: Two Nelsons Pure & Clear Purifying Skincare Kits to Win!

Happy Friday guys! It’s just 44 days til Christmas, can you believe it?

Anyway it is time for a giveaway, no?  Today it is from Nelson’s Pure & Clear range, aimed at acne prone skin but is gentle enough to be used on all skin types!Nelson s Pure Clear

Two people will win a set of 4 products from Nelsons worth £29:


Pure & Clear Purifying Facial Wash, Purifying Daily Facial Wipes, Balancing Moisturiser and Blemish Gel


Recently, I don’t know if it’s my hormones or what, but I have had a serious attack of spots!  I thought you got past 19 and stopped getting zits but clearly I am wrong!

So today’s question to answer in order to be entered into the prize draw is:

Tell me 3 things that you not yet grown out of?


1. Leaving my crusts

2. Scrunching up packets of crisps and pouring them into my mouth

3. Going round to my mums when I need to be fed!

Competition will run for approx 2 weeks!


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  1. Sheila Sloan says

    1. Running my finger round the mixing bowl and licking it.
    2. Jumping in puddles when I have my wellies on.
    3. The anticipation about putting up the Christmas tree.

  2. Jill Webb says

    1 Having to poke a bonfire
    2 liking the bowl after making cakes
    3 I have to Have the landing light on

  3. Sarah Laycock says

    1. Having soldiers for my dippy eggs
    2. Christmas Stockings
    3. Eating jelly when I’ve got a sore throat….!

  4. Lori Darling says

    1. getting excited about fireworks
    2. Have to look under logs to find the creepy crawlies
    3. Snow

  5. Carol Peace says

    1. Biting my nails when nervous (I know!!)
    2. Water fights in the good weather
    3. Snow angels.

  6. Stephanie Green says

    1.Buying a mix of 2p sweets when out shopping
    2.Having a go on a swing when I take my nephews to the park.
    3.Eating raw veg as i’m cutting it up for the pot

  7. Pavlina says

    1. Eating masses of raw apples or carrots in one go.
    2. Counting the steps each time I come down the stairs.
    3. Touching my face when I’m not wearing make-up (I know, gross!).

  8. Natalie Goatley says

    Watching Kids Films

    Avoiding the cracks in the road when i’m walking along it

    Playing with plasticine

  9. cheryl lovell says

    1. penny sweets
    2. arguing at christmas because my sister has got more presents than me…so what if I have moved out and have a child?! lol
    3.being stroppy for no apparent reason!

  10. ANJU says

    1. Picking my nose – am I the only one honest enough to admit this?
    2. Checking the house for the bogie man whenever I return
    3. I love to wrap myself up in a blanket

  11. Suan says

    1. Not walking on the cracks in the pavement
    2. Eatin Jelly babies
    3. Crunching Autumn leaves as I walk

  12. Emma Eminoglu says

    1) Leaving my crusts!
    2) Buying penny sweets- although these days they’re more like 5p sweets!
    3) Disney and kids films

  13. Hazel Wright says

    taking all my clothes off and running around naked, jumping up and down when excited, doing exactly what I want to do to be happy and not caring what anyone else thinks. 40 is a good age to be 😉

  14. Susan Wood says

    1. Still eat skittles like there’s no tomorrow
    2. Suck my finger on the odd occasion. ahem. Yes, really.
    3. Still play computer games

  15. Julie Taylor says

    Sucking my thumb while twirling my hair when i am tired LOL
    Checking under the bed before i climb in it when i have watched a scary film
    Crying for my mum when i am ill *blush*

  16. Linda C says

    1. Kicking off my shoes without undoing them
    2. Twiddling with my hair
    3. Doodling on any picture

  17. jane steels says

    Not walking on manhole covers, being excited when putting up the christmas tree and only sleeping in the foetal position.

  18. Sally Palmer says

    Wham Bars, putting too much hairspray on and cracking it all day, the film Labyrinth with David Bowie’s tights!

  19. Margaret says

    Being mega excited about Christmas

    Disney films – I love Beauty & the Beast….. and my new joint favourite Tangled.
    Disney films are the best, love snuggling up on the sofa & watching them.

    Eating chocolate in a certain way. eg: a kitkat…… nibble round each edge consuming all chocolate sides. Dip remaining chocolate in tea/coffee, lick off melting chocolate….. then eat the wafer part.
    I eat my kitkats, twixs, goldbars etc like this…. have done since i was little :)

  20. Lynne OConnor says

    Throwing dirty clothes on the floor
    Scoffing a whole bag of pick n mix and feeling sick
    Building snowmen

  21. Janie H says

    Not always eating my greens!
    Watching TV instead of doing chores
    Eating chocolate spread with a spoon straight from the jar!

  22. michelle knight says

    1) Licking the wooden spoon after baking.
    2) Enjoying playing with play doh with my 2 year old
    3) The excitement of Christmas


    1. Lighting my evening candle, then blowing it out, just for fun! Then relighting away.
    2. Answering phone to one of my sisters (caller display is fab!) Then putting on a voice, and being rude, they fall for it EVERYTIME. Childish but still fun!
    3. Visiting mum & dad, then hiding round the side with the children, will do this upto 3 times, as I don’t want them to shout at me! lol.

  24. Andi says

    1. Keeping the sweet off the top of the cake till last
    2. Crying at Bambi
    3. Licking the middle out of the custard cream first

  25. Rachel C says

    Sucking my thumb
    Being scared of the dark
    Not being able to sleep alone

    hehe they are my three.. @lilmssinnocent xoxo

  26. Nicola Bostock says

    1. Callin my Mum when I don’t feel well!
    2.Waving at people when I’m on the train, such fun!
    3.Making snowmen.

  27. Ruth Grover says

    Very Fluffy Slippers
    Trying to give my kids the advice my mother gave me..and I didn’t like it then and they just laugh !!
    Carousel at a fairground