Earthbound Organics Skincare

I got six pots of rather generous size samples from Earthbound Skincare, a small company based in Wales. I am always looking out for nice skincare products and recently, since getting patchy, dry and generally badly behaved skin, I want to avoid as many chemical additive and toxins as possible.

Here are my pots:


Cream Cleanser:


I really like this cleanser. It reminds me of the cleansing balm type products, similar to Eve Lom or Boots Time Delay Cleansing balm. The rich cream means it really gets make up off and I wipe it off with a hot cloth and it does really get all the crud off! The ingredients list too (and it seems to be the case with every product they have on sale here) is very transparent and shows completely natural and organic products.



Rose Cream:


Good old rose cream!

They say: Pure organic rosehip oil high in vitamin C & essential fatty acids, organic borage oil (star flower oil) extremely rich in GLA for the synthesis of regulatory hormones, marshmallow root oil, a natural and gentle skin softener and not forgetting the best available of all rose oils that help uplift and balance hormones.

There’s something old lady like but also very comforting about a good rose scented cream. This is quite thick but once you warm it up in your hands it becomes more liquid. It’s a really nice, pleasant cream to use although people with oiler skins might find it a bit rich..



Rejuvenating Cream:


They say: “This is an excellent cream for dry and maturing skins. Macadamia oil helps replenish the palmitoleic acid in the skin’s oil (sebum), which diminishes as we get older, Carrot oil is rich in vitamins B, C, D and E, Lime blossom helps soothe the skin and fight wrinkles and Frankincense with it’s beautiful woody relaxing scent and which is known to encourage skin cell growth, making this cream an effective, natural rejuvenator.”

This was lovely to use, and as the description says, quite thick. It smells nice and worked wonders on my cousins dry scaly skin – so it doesn’t have to just be for older, mature skins.



Honey Mud Mask:


They Say: This is an excellent facial treatment to cleanse and purify the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Green clay is rich in minerals, having a rejuvenating and anti-ageing effect, as well as being a good in treating acne, to balance combination skin, normalise oily skin and revitalise dry skin.

This is a really nice product – even though it looks like clay it smells like honey which is a little confusing to the senses…nevertheless it worked a treat for me and I think might be a more cost effective alternative to my beloved Nars Mud Mask.



Jojoba and Vitamin E Cream:


They say: A wonderful gentle moistuiser that revitalises, dry sensitive skin. The organic Jojoba liquid wax is the closest natural oil to collagen, which is responsible for helping keep the elasticty of our skin. It is also high in proteins and minerals thus nourishing the skin.

Once again a nice cream – this one is also more suitible for dry skins – so this may come down to scent – this smells like Jojoba, quite a refreshing but relaxing smell. A nice cream if you like Jojoba.



Nutrive Cream:


They Say: This is a nutritional facial cream, which also helps protect the skin in all weathers. It can also be used as a night cream, thus working on tired and dry skin when relaxed. The uplifting quality of the neroli oil stops you in your tracks and takes you to a different place…

This is quite a solid, rich cream so best for dry skins. I am guessing it would be a good balm for dry spots on the body too.



The other things that Earthbound sell include:

Men’s Organic Skin Care
Organic Face Cream Moisturisers
Organic Cleansers
Organic Toners
Organic Hand & Body Skin Care
Organic Mother & Baby Skin Care
Skin Care
Travel Size Creams 15g
Hemp Travel Bags
Massage Oils
Certified Organic Herbal Tinctures

My overall first impressions of the company and the products is very positive – there are lots of natural/organic skin care companies out there, but I like how simple the ingredients for their skin care products is and how easy it is to find out what has been added to your beauty item.

Must Haves:

Honey Mud Mask
Cream Cleanser
Rose Cream

The tubs I got may look small but there is tons of product in it that will last for a while – you can buy them here if you want to test the goodies out first for yourself!

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