Decleor at John Lewis Cheadle Beauty Retreat & Brightening Life Radiance Facial Review

Decleor is one of those Spa/Salon brand names, like Elemis that I associate with quality and high quality treatments.  In my experience, when booking for one of their treatments, there’s definitely a guaranteed level of service.

Now – first the news – Decleor was one of the brands chosen by John Lewis’ Cheadle, to take up residency in their new Beauty Retreat.  Cheadle for those who aren’t up north, about 30 minutes from Manchester City Centre and is a nice part of town! I had never been to the store before – it is HUGE and dedicated to all things John Lewis.  It reminds me of Selfridges in London.  There’s sort of a bit of everything, beauty hall, home ware, loads of Christmas items, haberdashery etc.

They say: Drawing on years of DECLÉOR treatment expertise every face and body treatment allows total relaxation, using an all-encompassing blend of nature’s most powerful Essential Oils and purest plant extracts.

John Lewis Beauty Retreat

The Beauty Retreat is located in a quiet corner of the huge store, so it is really nice and peaceful.  Fiona Brackenbury, Head of Tranining at Decleor and also helps develop products for the company, did the treatment for me.

The facial (which is apparently the newest treatment from Decleor) consisted of a back massage to begin with, a facial massage and then a foot massage at the end.

The first step, I got to choose which oil I wanted to use based by smell.  One was more relaxing and one was more energising and I went for the more masculine, relaxing oil – really lovely.  The treatment began with a back massage, for about 10 minutes, then the facial.

Fiona (who has really soft looking skin!) spent some time look at my fact – I told her how confused it was; dry, oily; sensitive; flaky and spotty!  She said that an important thing for me was to exfoliate the skin and resurface it, removing dead skin so that I wouldn’t get all the flakiness and blackheads.

She also gave me some other interesting tips, like not to use a scrubby exfoliant because I mark easily (true! I scar very easily, from scratches, spots and even insect bites) so something that removes skin without grains is ideal.

She also noticed me breaking out around my jawline and said that overuse of supplements, especially oils that my body doesn’t need an cause spots.   Sure enough – I had started taking Evening Primrose oil that week!

I found the treatment pretty amazing.  Like I said earlier, one thing I hate about spas in department stores is that they can be loud and I don’t really want to hear chatting outside – this place is in a quiet corner so you can feel like you are in a real spa! It’s also very comfortable inside, the bed was heated etc.

To be honest I was in a jittery mood – I had had quite a busy, tiring week and was finding it hard to drift off, then I remember Fiona putting her hands on my forehead….and then I was drifting in and out of sleep. And snoring. Lots and lots of snoring (do you store when you have treatments?!).

From what I remember, there was the initial cleansing of the face, then a mask – it dried quickly on my skin then it was rubbed off and lots of dead skin came off!! Fiona mentioned it was a pro product but there is a home version –  I think it was the Phyto Peel which is an exfoliating cream.

There was lots of massaging with the oils – so lovely – Neroli I believe.

The treatment was a total of 1 hour 15 minutes and very relaxing indeed, although you can for the for energising version too. She used some products from the new Life Radiance range, which I was worried would make my face react (so many new products on my face!) but I just felt really plump and refreshed afterwards – my skin was very ‘bouncy’ and moist, which is what I wrote down on my consultaiton card as what I’d like as the finished result!

Verdict: Yes this makes me want to use more Decleor.  If you are lucky enough to be near the Cheadle store, it is so worth a visit! And you can do some shopping too (the Christmas stuff in John Lewis is gorgeous).

See the full treatment list and prices here.

John Lewis’ Info:

John Lewis Cheadle
Beauty Retreat ?
Wilmslow Road?

Treatment Booking Line: 0161 491 8784 ext: 5222

Monday – Friday 10am – 8pm Saturday 9am – 6pm Sunday 10.30am – 5pm

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