Gosh Eyeshadow Primer and Waterproof Eye Shadow Sticks

I picked up these GOSH items at Superdrug during the 3 for 2 offer last week:


The truth is, I loved the look of the MAC Cosmetics Warm & Cozy Shadesticks, but really didn’t want to end up spending £100 for no reason at MAC. These pencils are £6 each so I paid £12 for three:

GOSH Waterproof Eye Shadow.jpg

GOSH is not a bad little brand is it? The counters are always a disgrace though – I only just managed to get the Beige shade (the rest were all opened and discarded) but the girl gave me an unopened tester.

I mean – is it the Superdrug Customers that are to blame? Or the sales staff that should be keeping the counters stocked and clean? Must the customers open brand new items and swirl them around? My personal belief is that even if there are no testers, its not my place to open a brand new item and swatch it. They just lose a sale, thats all.

(And anyway – Boots has the same type of counter set up, and its never in that horrible state).

But I digress.

The Pencils!

GOSH waterproof Eye shadow stick beige.jpg

These pencils are:

– Waterproof
– No Mineral Oil
– No Scent
– Twist Up Applicator
– Has a high melting point (so it won’t melt into mush in hot climates)

Sounds impressive…The beige is a good base shade for eyeshadow – this was what I was looking for and the colour works well even though it has quite a pearly edge.

Gold on the other hand, is more of a dirty-taupey gold, which looks quite nice:

GOSH waterproof gold.jpg

On their own, the eyeshadow stayed put very well. It didn’t last ALL day without creasing but it still stayed put better than a shadestick ever did.

The eye primer caught my eye – a pearly white base, also in the twist up stick form:

gosh eye primer.jpg

What I don’t like about this primer is that its a pearly white – very frosty. In a way it doesn’t matter because eyeshadow will go on top of it, but there’s nothing worse than all over disco ball eyes. Makes me look googly, like a fish:

GOSH Waterproof Eye Shadow Stick-1.jpg

The primer is excellent! It really made my Lunasol eyeshadow last all day. I love the convenience of having a chubby stick over using something with an sponge – its just quick and easy peasy.

All in all, these are fab little pencils, a quick and easy way to use as a base.

The shade range is limited but its still worth a look, they are sold in Superdrug in the UK.

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  1. Halifax says

    I’m glad we have Gosh in Canada. I’m starting getting more from this brand. Had a few shadow sticks but haven’t got to using them :-) Great that you liked them. I gotta get them out of storage to use

  2. SmarmySariner says

    I have the Gosh Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer and find that when I use it under eyeshadow and go to put on my eyeliner the eyeliner doesn’t show up as dark and strong, it is more faded and pale. This only happens when I use the Gosh primer (maybe a different eyeliner brand would be fine…haven’t tried). Just wondering if you have had any eyeliner problems?


    • Row says

      Hi Smarmy (can I call you that!?)

      I haven’t had an eyeliner problem with this primer but I see what you mean about darker colours becoming more grey. I would try a darker pencil but to behonest I am obsessed with Trish Eye base and Laura Merciers – I’ve found them to be good primers, and they even out the skin too and none of this changing the colour business! x

  3. Connie says

    I cannot get Gosh eyeliner shadow stick. Not sold in Superdrug anymore.
    Live in SE London in Bromley