Creer Beaute La Rose Versailles Antoinette Gel Eyeliner (Dark Brown) Review

Desipte being a very popular brand in Japan, this is the first time I have bought a product from the Creer Beaute range!

Creer Beaute has a very strong brand image, with the sort of Japanese anime style character but western (blonde hair, blue eyes) in a French revolution type style!  I believe the characters are called Marie Antoinette and Oscar!

This liner has the Marie Antoinette character on – like a few Japanese ranges the gel liner comes with a brush:

Creer De Beaute Lovely Cute Eyes

I mentioned before that I have a bit of an obsession with brown eyeliner at the moment! I am looking for the perfect bitter chocolate liner and at the moment a lot of the ones I am finding are too poo coloured or too warm…which makes my eyes look a bit irritated (which they are already!).

(Jill Stuart has a new range of gel liners and one looks like the perfect bitter chocolate but boy, it’s expensive!).

On with the review…

I love that this product comes with a brush and it’s a pretty good brush too – with a synthetic head and is perfect for lining without being to thin or too blunt. I always lose these brushes but hey, it’s nice of them to offer.

Here is the brown liner – it’s slightly reddish in tinge…hmmm

Cree Beaute Rose Gel Liner Brown 1

I guess it is quite chocolatey but there is for sure, a reddish tone to it. Having said that the red is barely detectable once on the skin and it is so pigmented and rich.

It is also waterproof as most Japanese liners are and has a beautiful buttery soft texture:

Creer De Beaute Eyeliner 1

As far as black gel liners go, this is a great one as long as you don’t mind the red base to it. I think I am still trying to find a almost-black-a-bit-metallic-rich-brown. Cos that’s just what I like.

But I would totally recommend this to ladies who don’t want something as harsh as black (black gel liner is soooooooo pigmented, there’s no mid ground!).

This is on me – the liner is quite subtle on, and you must give it a few moments to dry.

Creer Beaute La Rose Versailles Antoinette Gel Eyeliner Dark Brown Review


A very pretty and wearable gel liner, you could do a lot worse than this for a brown liner PLUS is comes with a brush and lasts without getting crumbly.
I paid $11 for this from
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  1. Inês says

    The characters are from a classic shoujo manga called The Rose of Versailles, which is the story of a woman who was raised as a man and belongs to the royal guard :) She becomes a close friend of the Queen, Marie Antoinette, until the French Revolution, which is quite accurately described on the manga!

  2. Jen says

    I’m liking brown eyeliner more and more, it’s such a good choice for when black’s just a bit too harsh

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      Me too – and also navy. I LOVE the bold effect of black but sometimes it’s just too WAG ish

    • Row says

      Hi Casey

      That’s a good point not all browns are equal! I like chocolate and bitter browns, no so much red ones!