Cheapy Find: Janet Ayurveda Nelli Gotukola Dry Hair Treatment Hair Oil Review

I am always looking for nice oils to treat my itchy sore scalp with and spotted this one on eBay a while ago.  It’s by a brand called Janet Ayurveda – the range looks huge and I think is aimed at the Asian market. 

Janet Ayurveda Dry Hair Treatment Hair Oil Review

This is the dry hair oil (called Nelli Gotukola) and contains all kinds of herbs and extracts like hemp and olive.

The hair oil is supposed to do the following…

1. Treat dryness from the roots upwards

2. Soothes the scalp, clears inflammation

3. Protects the hair against breakage

4. Strengthens the hair

5. Nourishes and adds shine

To use it, shake the bottle and apply on the scalp and hair for 5 minutes.  This is solid and must be warmed up in order to use it – put the bottle in some warm water or sit on it for a few minutes…it will start to melt :) 

Janet Ayurveda Dry Hair Treatment Hair Oil Review 2

The hair oil melts fairly easily which is good, and has a fresh floral type scent which surprised me, I thought it would be more medicinal.  The texture is medium light and it is easy enough to wash out with a good shampoo.  

I have used this numerous times now and I have to say, I really like this hair oil.  Although it’s quite a strong floral scent, the product is easy to use and leaves my hair looking soft and glossy and my scalp soothed for a good while.  You do have to keep using it though (like every week).  

Check out the bits and bobs that are floating about in this product!

Janet Ayurveda Dry Hair Treatment Hair Oil Review 1

How does this compare to other hair oils, like say Fushi?

Well, this is a lot lighter than Fushi or Sesame oil, it’s easier to apply but unlike Coconut oil doesn’t seem to drip everywhere.  The smell is more commercial – a lot of other hair oils I’ve used in the past are organic and therefore have quite a strong herbal scent. 

I only paid about £5 for this with shipping on eBay – I still have half a bottle left which is good. 

Overall this is a decent hair oil if you’ve never tried one before, it’s nice and light and nourishes super dry damaged hair like mine.  I would steer clear if you have fine or limp hair! 

Have you ever tried hair oil?

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