Carmex in a stick! Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating SPF15 Lip Balm Review!

Lip Balm tart that I am, I was pretty excited to get a selection of Carmex’s newest addition to the family in the post.

The Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm comes in three variations – clear, pink and peach, and is presented in a skinny stick.  It’s far more handy than using a pot but what I like about these, is that they don’t lose the ‘squidgy’ quality that the post based lip balm has.

Moisture Plus Carmex Lip Balm

Everyone knows I like a creamy, buttery, squidgy lip balm! The Carmex Moisture Plus – if I’m not jumping the gun a little – has a glorious texture. Super soft and creamy at the same time, leaving a fairly thick coating of balm on the lips. I find most stick lip balms can be a bit hard, or a bit oilier than pot balms.  This one is perfect texture wise…

In addition, these lip balms have vitamin E, Aloe and a SPF 15.

It’s funny I used to think SPF for the lips was a bit of a gimmick until I had a load of skin peel off my lips whilst I was on holiday.

The tinted shades are a nice idea – they are sheer but definitely leave a hint of colour – I imagine they will suit most women as a daily wear shade as it’s pretty neutral and glossy.

Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm

I don’t tend to wear tinted balms – I use balm then a lip gloss, but I can be persuaded to use one of these tints on their own because I have less and less time to do anything to my face on work days.

In terms of smell, you know original Carmex has a very distinctive medicinal smell? I LOVE that. This one has that scent – not as strong, but when you apply it the smell of vanilla wins.  It’s nice enough – I’d love it even more if it had more of the old ‘tingle’.

Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm Review

Nice person that I am, I have already donated these 2 of these balms (I knew my mum and cousin would love them) and kept one for myself.  I genuinely think these are great balms – so so so soft! And hydrating too – they lasted about 2 hours on my lips with a cup of coffee inbetween.  I don’t really expect any balm to last longer than that.

Downside? Can’t think of any. Hmmm.  Well, it’s very soft so I guess it could be used up quite quickly.


Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm

These cost £4.50 and will be sold in Boots from September, and is online already at ASOS.

Would you try these out?

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  1. Jen says

    Definitely yes! I especially love lip products that come in slimline tubes, I just think they look elegant!

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      Yeah there is something about that slim tube that sounds nice. Elegance JP has some beautiful new lipsticks in a slim tube!

  2. says

    I’m glad to see these are finally available across the pond, everyone should have a chance to try these. I love them so much!