Brassy Hair Solution! Organic Care Systems Silver Shampoo Review

After having my hair lightened, I knew I had to take affirmative action to keep the brassiness away.

My hair naturally has a lot of red in it and it goes through the orange stage before it goes blonde. Eeek. I have found that silver shampoo or purple / lilac ones work well but I’ve had to avoid them so far because they nearly always contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which makes my scalp itch badly.

So this product from Organic Care Systems – a range I already think very highly of – is a godsend for anyone with a sensitive scalp or who just wants to use a good quality product to prevent brassiness.


The violet tones in this shampoo reduce orange and yellow – it’s a pH balanced shampoo and it felt so gentle on my scalp with no irritation at all. There is a warning on the shampoo saying that because there is a colourant in it you need to do a skin test but I had no problems at all.

It does, also, smell of blueberries!


It lathers up nicely and really keeps my hair shiny and moisturised….It looks quite dark but it doesn’t make your hair this colour, honestly. It took a few washes (you have to leave the lather in for a few minutes) for any orange tones to disappear from my hair but now I am really happy with the results.


A must have shampoo for anyone concerned with brassiness! For as long as my hair is highlighted I will keep on using this.

You can buy it here for £8.95.

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