Body Stencils for Glitter Art at Review

I have messed about with body glitter before, with a cheap home kit and a Jinny Rainbow one.

One problem I had was running out of stencils – sure, whenever you buy a kit you get a set amount but these are easy to get through when you are, erm, glitter happy.

So I was sent these fun stencils to try from Arm Kandi – a site which specialises in stencils only. They have tons of designs in various sizes and even do custom designs.

Here are some of the thematic designs I got!


First off, these feel lighter and more bendy than the one I got with the Jinny Tattoo kit which were stiffer. These peeled off the backing easily although at first I had a bit of trouble getting it to stick, you need to give it a good press down on the skin, then it’s fine.

Thee designs can also be used for air brush effects of body paint!

I did this design on my cousins arm:


I basically picked the trickest stencil to work with!
Because of all the fine detail and jaggedy bits, I had to be careful taking it off the backing paper and also be careful with the sticking, holding it down firmly so the glitter didn’t creep into the surrounding areas.

I chose red and black glitter!


I piled this on a bit too much – what can I say I am a novice! The result was fine though but I think I chose a tricky one to start working with, so I didn’t really capture the dribbly bits. This could be a good one for body paint or spray paint instead because the details are so fine:


Anyway, this is just a fraction of the designs they have. I’ll definitely pick some out when I have finished with the stencils I currently have – they start from 30p, so not bad!

I did think that because the stencils are fairly thin so I couldn’t really save it and reuse. I guess they are quite cheap so it doesn’t matter anyway.

Check out the range here!

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