Bobbi Brown Cocoa Mauve Collection

Bobbi, oh Bobbi, it must be my old age, but I am suddenly finding your muted tones, flattering shades and subtle shimmer more appealing.

Black Pearl Lip Gloss looks incredible – alas not released in the UK yet but it sure looks pretty.

Cocoa Mauve a LE set consisting of a full size eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, gel liner and nifty bag is a preview to the Autumn collections…

I want to use this set for my work face tomorrow. It includes:

Sand Pink Blush
Iced Mauve Metallic Eye Shadow
Cocoa Mauve Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner
Berry Mauve Creamy Lip Color

The blush is soft and flattering and the eyeshadow is muted with a soft shimmer. Both are decent colours – not my usual choice of hot pink and bright blue but I like it! These will also fit in the new square palettes.

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliners aren’t usually my favourite – I prefer Beaute De Kose’s or KATE. But I do love this sophisticted, creamy mauve brown:

Its very creamy – my first and only Gel liner was Violet and bought many, many moons ago – the formula has obviously improved a lot!

I love heather mauve lipstick! Long live lippies with colour – I am bored of sheer washes.

Its a wearable pinky-browny-mauve. It shows up yet it isn’t too brown – a gorgeous shade and not one I would have usually picked up.

Overall this set is Fab – great value if you are in the US, ok value if you are in the UK at £45, but it is LE so snap one up quickly. Its a great introduction to Bobbi Brown, a universally flattering set, and will make you fell really grown up and sophisticated!

UPDATE: Wearing the liner today.  It has the most gorgeous texture, a far cry from the orignal formula they had which was cakey.

Lipstick is also gorgeous and quite sheer.  Still nice for a mauve-nude lip though.

I want more of the gel liners!

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  1. Despite my love for BRIGHTness and GLITTER >.< I can’t help but secretly want a Bobbi palette so I can look all professional and grown up 😀
    One day….. I must make the most of my glittery bright days for now x

  2. Hey Chica

    I know I do also also love bright and glitter – I will always love blue and greens and you KNOW Bobbi hates people who wear blue mascara and eyeshadow.


  3. Bobbi Brown cosmetics is always adorable.

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