Becca Eye Tint Water Resistant Colour for Eyes in Pewter Review & Swatches

Becca is one of my current brand obsessions! I love their understated, high quality products. I also love their visuals – everything is quite smoky and sensual.

I haven’t tried a Becca Eye Tint before but I love all cream based products anyway:


One of their newest shades is Pewter, a super dark grey. I’ve seen it being used as a eyeshadow base (dark shades to prime really bring out brighter eyeshadows).

They say:

An ingenious eye crème with a unique formulation that glides on as a crème and sets to a powder. This long-lasting, water-resistant, crease-resistant tint is easy to apply, offering adjustable levels of sheer to high pigment colour.

You can also mix this with some pigment or glitter, as it really adheres to the skin….Here is the tube:


You get 7ml in this – it doesn’t sound like a lot but you only need a tiny dot. Tiny, tiny bit! Otherwise it’s wasted.

I squeezed out way too much:


I liked how pigmented this was! Sometimes this cream shadows…well it’s not really a cream, it’s more liquid than that but it’s not a liquid! Anyway, sometimes these kinds of products can be quite sheer once you start moving them around on the skin.

Not so with Becca Eye Tints. Even though it’s called a tint, it is highly highly pigmented:


Are you scared of it? Don’t be. You can apply with a brush for a lighter finish or just apply a tiny bit. Or you can layer it up and build up the colour but it only takes 2 layers to get a decent finish.

It does dry fairly quickly so if using it as a primer, I’d have my colours ready (purely because I think the powder really grabs onto the eye tint if it’s still a little wet).

Applying with my stubby finger:


Sorry, this is a ROUGH application, but you get the idea of what 2 thin coats looks like. It’s super pigmented and totally crease free – it feels so light on the skin that it just doesn’t budge or crease. How I love thee….





This product is FABULOUS, I love it; pigmented, nice to use, long lasting, crease free, good on its own or as a base. Win-win! I want to buy some of the other shades to try!

Buy it here for £17

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  1. says

    wow that’s so pigmented! I saw too faced has a similar one out too that’s infused with their eye primer. have you seen that one?

    • Row says

      Hi Mint

      I have the toofaced one. That one is thicker and takes longer to try. The pigmentation is not so good, because you need to layer and layer when the too faced is blended in it goes really sheer x

  2. says

    Wow, i’m looking for a good base, this sounds perfect! (except for the price :)). I like Becca’s packaging too, I’ll check this out.

  3. says

    I agree with you – I have a Becca Eye Tint in Baroque and I love it, it’s a pretty medium beige base. The consistency is almost moussy and it doesn’t crease at all. I might try the Pewter next.

    x Klara

  4. says

    Ooooooh, love that finish it gives!!!
    After this post, I ‘m between this and the RBR Silk Aether cream ones…!
    Have you tried them yet?


    • Row says

      Hi TIna

      NOOOOOOOO I havent heard of this omg and now I am googling it!! I just find RBR quite expensive :( x