Beauty Bargain: UNT Rouge Obsession Lipsticks in Sweet Romance

I discovered the brand UNT when doing some browsing on eBay of all places. I’ve tried a few of their products since then (but only with low to medium success so far).

Still, pretty lipsticks are pretty lipsticks so I couldn’t resist this cute set of 4 lipsticks for around £26:

UNT Skincare | | Makeup | ROUGE OBSESSION-1.jpg

These lipsticks are called Rouge Obsessions by UNT.

This is a good value lipstick as it contains four shades inside. The packaging is quite nice:

UNT Color and rouge obession lipsticks.jpg

They say:

Available in 8 shades with two tailor-made effects: Glamorous Shimmer and Indulgent Cream.

This luscious lipstick is enriched with Solarine III, shea butter, and Vitamin E to provide protection against harmful radicals and supply thorough hydration.

The packaging is rather lush inside too…It reminds me of beauty and the beast! I think its the chandeliers.

UNT Rouge Obession lipsticks.jpg

The packaging is very nice. The lipsticks come in gold bullets and have a jewel on top – it would have been nice to have different coloured diamonds on top of each lipstick.

UNT Lipstick .jpg

Once again reminds me of Jill Stuart – you would be happy pulling this otu of your handbag.

UNT Lipstick -1.jpg

The four lipsticks include are a nice selection of shades and cream/pearl textures.

UNT Lipstick Rouge Volpute obessions-1.jpg

Forgive me here, cos one of my lip swatch pictures is missing.


UNT Make Up Lipstick Brown.jpg
UNT Lipstick Royge Volupte.jpg
Lip Stick UNT Rouge Volupte.jpg

Overall, these are nice lipsticks but they are a little sheer for my liking and low on pigment.

They have a nice texture and are comfortable to wear though, although the shades are not that interesting. Hmm. Its just a MEH from me.

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