Random Nars Haulage

Nars, Nars, I am sick for you at the moment. I am also loving Esprique Precious and Bobbi Brown at the moment – how about you?

Here is my random Nars Haul –

Lip Liner in Ecuadaor, a deep crimson red:

Lulu, a matter aubergine:

Fiji – a soft metallic green. Like Night Porter but without the black base. Gorgeous but will loose its shimmer if you don’t use a primer:

Velvet Matte pencil in Red Square, a true pillar box red:

Gold Rush Loose Sparkling Powder – boy does is sparkle. Less is more!


Ecuador lipliner is the lowest thing on my hand – its a darker red whereas times square is a bright orange based red. Not really compatible together. The eyeshadows are lovely – I would use Lulu as a liner using a wet brush. Fiji is just beautiful, and Gold Rush is a funny one. Its very sparkly so as a loose powder, it would be a bit too much. Mixed with some matte powder I think the effect could be quite nice.

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