Bargain Beauty: Sally Hansen Kwik Off Nail Polish Remover Review – Off in a jiffy!

A few weeks ago I bought this Sally Hansen Kwik Off from nail polish remover from Fragrance Direct (who sent me dusty make up, don’t use them!) so here comes the review.

Thing about me is I like polish but I am tooooooo damn lazy to take it off, but I also can’t stand even a small chip in my nails so most of the time I leave my nails alone. Even though I have 100s of polishes. D’oh!

I tried these tub polish removers before but I thought they were rubbish:


The Sally Hansen comes in a huge tub – well, a big one that’s essentially a sponge with lots of polish remover soaked into it.

You stick your nail in, turn it a few times and your nail should come out clean. Quick and easy!

Here is my nail – no I’m not giving you the finger….


Ok you ready for the test?!

*Explicit photograph after jump*

Yeah. This photo is all kinds of wrong:


One thing that crossed my mind was – if you wear strong colours and the colour seeps into the sponge, will it be ok next time or will your nails be stained by the previous colour?

Well I’ve used it since and it seems fine. So far, I think I will get a lot of uses out of this, at least until it dries out.

Here is my nail once it has been pulled out – about about 3-4 turns in the sponge:


Ha! Not bad huh! I was seriously impressed, I mean it took seconds to remove this strong red polish from all of my nails without having to use a ton of cotton pads.

The only downside was that I had a nick on my finger, and because you have to dip your finger in, at least half way it really stung. Therefore to use this – don’t cut your fingers!

I am also chuffed because I’ve seen these in Pound stores and they cost…well, £1 each. Without a doubt, a great buy. I’ve noticed there are other formulas, I don’t know how good they are but this one with the blue writing is amazing. Have you ever tried this kind of nail polish remover?

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  1. says

    I have this from the £1 shop. It workd really well but does not last long as the foam starts to break up after a short time but at £1 it is worth it to stock up as it is a lot quicker than normal remover. x

    • Row says

      Hi Nicoletta

      Good point. I think I’ll pull out the sponge and use it once it starts to break away :) hehe

  2. Jen says

    I bought the apricot one with 25% extra from Sally’s and it has lasted me well over 6 months! I was thinking of just topping it up with more nail polish remover if it ever dried up…but so far there’s still plenty sloshing about in the pot! Definitely looking out for this at Poundland now that I know!

  3. Tracey says

    Believe it or not but this isn’t a new product. I used it back when I was in high school which was in the mid 80’s. It’s nice to see they still have it out there. Great product!!! If it can remove red it should be able to remove any color. :)

  4. Vicky says

    French Sephora has the same product and I really want the US one to sell it too!
    I’m really glad you made this post cause I had no idea someone else was making that kind of product.