ARTDECO Glam Stars Eyelights Highlighting and Eyeshadow Powder in Lilac Swatches!

I’ve been sitting on this ARTDECO’s Glam Stars Eyelights palette for a while, deciding what I think of it.

Glam Stars Eyelights is an extremely, extremely beautiful limited edition palette which can be used as an eyeshadow or a highlighter. It’s got lots of sparkles and is one of those – do-I-really-want-to-touch-this? palettes.

In case you’re colourblind:


Mr C is partially colourblind. He didn’t tell me this until we were at the stage in our relationship where it was more hassle to split up than to stay together* He can’t see green. Green is my favourite colour. I can’t ask him for anything in green.


Really really pretty palettes right? Well I have lilac….

*I kid, I kid!

The palette:


The palette case has a this black and silver design:


The colours in the palette are a light pink, a lilac and a darker mauve. I love purples; these are very much of the cool-silvery-mauvey side of things:


What I’d say about this palette is that it looks gorgeous, the pigmentation is medium and it is very sparkly. It could definitely work for eyes and cheeks, but it’s a sheer effect on the eyes (imagine Lunasol sheer contrast eyes) and quite sparkly on the face. I used this as a highlight but very sparingly around the top of the cheekbones.


This palette is £25.50.

Stockists: 0151 421 1234 / / Fenwick (Brent Cross) / Hoopers Department Stores nationwide

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  1. layla says

    i spotted art deco at my local centrepoint/home centre (i live in kuwait and was so surprised to see it here!) the other day! was so excited! unfortunately, its just a very basic collection.. a few lipsticks, foundations.. would love to check it out later to see if they have these palettes.. they’re so pretty!