Keeping skin shine free: YSL Matt Touch Oil Free Touch Mat Primer Review

I love primers! You know that? Oh okay.

Well, the thing is I now have so many primers that I have different ones for different uses. Some illuminate, some hydrate, some mattify, some make things last longer. I can’t say I have one ultimate primer to be honest.

YSL’s Matt Touch Oil Free Primer actually caught my eye a while ago because I saw a make up artist from Hong Kong recommend it. Humidity in those kind of tropical climes make this kind of mattifying primer a lifesaver…who wants to look like a grease bucket!


They say this this primer…smoothes and refines the skin’s texture, provides the complexion with a radiant matte finish, and optimizes the wear of makeup. It’s enriched with skincare benefits to protect and soothe the skin.

I love matte finish skin – I think it looks polished and refined but I can’t use anything that is mattifying and DRYING. Luckily this primer is rather lovely – there is no dryness and it doesn’t encourage foundation to stick to any flaky bits I have…


I’ve realised that I do like dewy skin but there’s certain areas I like to keep matte (like the t-zone) and this primer works really well for those areas…It has quite a siliconey feel, and sinks in quickly to leave a soft, powdery finish. It feels lovely on the skin and creates a good canvas for the foundation (perhaps this matching one?!).

I find that these kind of primers work really well for pores – I found my skin looked smoother overall (since the oiliest parts of my face are the areas most affected by larger pores, it works out quite well).

Here is the primer:


A pea sized drop is enough.

Any downsides to this?

Well…no not really. It does what it says on the tin – gives you matte and soft finish skin. If you don’t like the matte look then obviously you won’t like this!

Another thing is that it can be applied on top of make up to create an instant matte finish AND I think this is a good one for photography because of the soft finish. It’s also SPF free which prevents that whitish cast on the skin.

This is priced at £28 for 30ml (see it at here).

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