Touch me, I’m Matt – YSL Mat/Matte/Matt Touch Foundation Review

Like a divvy, I’ve been foundation nuts lately. I did finish a Make Up Forever HD Foundation though so I was celebrating by replacing its empty space with….a few new bases. Its the circle of life, honest.

The Matt Touch Foundation from YSL caught my eye, because although I prefer the glowy finish, I am convinced the fine matt look is actually better on me. It certainly looks better in photos and Mr Candy seems to compliment me more when my skin is shine free.

Just a thought though – I don’t change my foundation for any man – no one chooses my foundation for me but me!

YSL Matt Touch Foundation.jpg

Here is the base – has a SPF 10. This is about £26 in the stores but I bought it from eBay for £14. Trust me here – the YSL stock on eBay is fresh and half the price (but do check with the seller if unsure). Match up in Boots, buy online.

Here is the base – its like a dense mousse texture. I got shade six which looks mighty dark on my hand:

ysl matt touch foundation-1.jpg

The finish is a soft natural matte with a glow to it:
This foundation is unusual and it totally, 100% reminds me of Giorgio Armani’s Face Fabric Foundation.

They both have that sort of dense mousse feel, they both buff into the skin for a natural coverage and soft light finish. They both have a slightly silicone, satiny feel on the skin.

Face Fabric though, is a mineral foundation – not sure if this YSL one is too, but it doesn’t say so on the box.

ysl matt touch.jpg

I like Face Fabric a lot although I also got bored of it a bit – I do like and prefer a light liquid to any other form of foundation in terms of a flawless finish.

Anyway, here are the before and after results.

Before – skin with redness and a uneven tone:

ysl matt touch foundation-2.jpg

The base – looks MUCH darker than my skin but once blended away, its just right, adding a smidgen of warmth to my skin:

ysl foundation matt touch.jpg


matt touch foundation ysl.jpg

The coverage is natural and flattering which I like, but it won’t be great for those who need to cover very heavy scars and marks (although that’s what concealer is for!)

I like this base a lot – its pretty effortless and is good for a day to day quick oil absorbing matte look.

I have found that it needs powder in order to stay on all day.

Overall, a keeper, a nice quick base but I wouldn’t use it for the 100% flawless look.

Like this foundation? Prefer Matte or Glow finish? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Gabriela says

    I prefer glow finish when I see it in another person but for me I choose matte finish because I think that I look better with this kind of finish. I`ve heard a lot about Face fabric but little about this product.
    As you said it looks dark for your skin but when you blend it is perfect. I would like that the coverage would be better.

  2. says

    Definitely matte finish! I’m always amazed when a dark foundation blends into skin color. It’s like magic!^^
    and I agree, ebay is the best source for cheap YSL stuffs. I’d buy everything if I could =D