Wet Hair, Dry Now! Lee Stafford Blow Dry Your Hair Faster Wonder Spray Review

If you have seen my second You Tube Video with Megs, you will know that according to Chinese grannies (or perhaps just my granny), you are not supposed to go to sleep with wet hair.

My gran says this is because it will give you ‘wind wet’ (literal translation!) or rather, Rheumatism.

I always wash in the evening. Habit. My hair stays wet for ages because I tend to let it dry naturally. It has frequently got to 2am and my hair is still wet but my childhood tells me I cannot sleep if my hair is even remotely damp.

So Lee Stafford’s Blow Dry Your Hair Faster Wonder Spray should be a godsend right?


This spray says it will make your hair dry quicker (20% quicker…mmm okay let me work that out) and it also works as a heat protection spray, protecting up to 220C to be exact.

Soooooo I used this and let’s cut to the chase. Yes it works. My hair dried quicker, about 4 minutes versus 7 minutes, but there was a tiny bit of crispness to my barnet – we’re not talking tacky mousse scrunched curls crunch, just a very very minor pork crackling that only I noticed, I guess because I know what my hair usually feels like. To look at, it looked no different. But there is another issue here for me. I can’t find the full ingredients list BUT I do know that Alcohol ranks pretty high.

Problem with this is that I have a sensitive scalp and as soon as this spray hit it, it was ouch-city. I had to totally avoid any of that area because it hurt.

Additionally alcohol is going to dry your hair with excessive use….

However – I will keep this product to hand. I won’t use it every day since I let my dry naturally 5 days out of 7, but when it’s very late at night, or I am in a rush I will use it. It added a bit of thickness too, a bit of texture if you like that kind of thing. It’s also a handy weapon for late night intruders – alcohol in their eyes…gotta hurt….

This spray is £5.99 for 200ml, from Boots.com and leestafford.com.

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  1. Emilyjane says

    I think I can see where you’re coming from on this one Row..I used to use Lee Stafford’s ‘poker straight balm’ but it smelled like a disaster at a chemical factory so most of it got consigned to the bin. What does this smell like?