E45 Body Moisturisers: Nourish & Restore, Silky Radiance, Touchably Smooth Review

Everyone has heard of good old E45 cream, the plain super moisturising thick cream for all kinds of sensitive skin; I have many a time complained about a skin ailment only to be told ‘Have you tried E45 for that?’. 

Anyway, the E45 range is actually quite large and there are shampoos and body lotions too! I was sent 3 of them to try:

E45 Body Lotion Nourish and Restore Silky Radiance Touchable Smooth

Each of the body lotions do different things…

E45 Nourish and Restore: Designed with mature skin in mind, the nourishing formula contains Vitamin B3 to restore suppleness in just 3 weeks

E45 Silky Radiance: A hydrating body lotion containing a subtle shimmer and natural light boosters for naturally radiant skin. 

E45 Touchably Smooth: Provides all day hydration for smooth velvety soft skin that lasts all day.

The main difference for me is the texture.  Nourish & restore was the lightest, like a gel texture.  

Silky Radiance is richer and has a really fine shimmer to it – this is the one I would choose to use on holiday and also for special occasions.

Touchably Smooth is the richest in texture (you’d think Nourish & Restore would be) and made my skin feel really soft for the longest. 

E45 Body lotion review

I’ve noticed that I can’t use overly fussy or rich creams on my body – it either makes me itch or gives my bumpy skin. I am really bad at remembering to moisturise my body as it is and I can’t stand creams that take forever to sink in or leave a tacky residue.  

These E45 lotions do sink in quickly and don’t irritate my skin. They hydrate well without being to thick – god knows I love body butters but that doesn’t mean it always suits my skin. 

This range is also quite affordable – around £3.99 per lotion. My favourite is Touchably Smooth and I also like Silky Radiance for something a bit different with the glowy shimmer. 

The range is on sale at Boots (here) and you can also see the rest of the range which is a bit more clinical looking and contains all kinds of body washes and creams!

Would you buy E45 lotion or would you splash out on a fancy body lotion?

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