Tired, achy legs? SANA Esteny The Massage Cool For Leg Review

SANA makes some really interesting skincare! And their body care stuff is fun too – they have stuff like super hot body scrub (it’s like rubbing chilli on your body) and tingly lotions. I like to torture myself so I bought their newest leg cream-gel thing, which is from the Esteny range.

It’s called The Massage Cool for Leg – this is very much to get tired legs nice and hydrated and gives it a refreshing cool feeling. It has a nice amount of slip to it which means you can use it to massage.

SANA Esteny The massage Legs Cool 1

This contains ginger oil, seaweed extract, peppermint extract and Brazillian green bean.  It has a lime ginger scent which is very refreshing indeed!

If you do suffer from leg pain or restless legs (I do) I highly recommend Red Vine Leaf Extract which you can buy from Boots for about £8. It took a lot of my aches and pains away.

Anyway back to legs. The strongest ‘tingly’ lotion I ever used was a Shiseido one – I forget the name but it comes in a white container with bright orange-coral bits. It was SO tingly it felt my entire body had been dropped in ice. It was fun but also a little bit cringey.

So yes I like tingle but not too much.

Some massage instructions on the back:

SANA Esteny Cool Legs Massage Tights

Mr C already knows that if he wants to be my lover, he’s gotta get with…the leg massage programme. Oh yes. What would life be without leg and foot massages!

This blue colour gel is a very good leg massage gel. It hydrates the skin, leaving it feeling really refreshed and if you spend some time rubbing it in, it really does leave you feeling lighter on your feet. It makes your hands tingly too!

As far as refreshing leg lotions and gels go, this is a very good one. Better than a bog standard cream which basically has a bit of menthol in it. Also made my skin look glowy.

SANA Esteny Cool Massage Legs

I have no idea why my thumb looks deformed in that photo.

Anyway – I like this stuff – I like nearly all the SANA Esteny range (which is all leg, face and body treatment items).  I was looking around for the predecessor of this product (Cooltights Leg Lotion) but now that I have this, it’ll definitely do.

Verdict: Well worth a try if you want refreshed legs. I bought this from adambeauty.com I think it was about £7.




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  1. says

    Thanks for the review. I spotted this at a local Sasa but wasn’t too sure about it. Having read your review, I may get a tube.

  2. madie says

    lol@deformed thumb. I think you have such cute little hands. 😀 something that non-bloggers dont know is that taking good pics isnt easy at all. :) btw, have you tried the SANA hot curvy oil gel massage?