Vivienne Westwood doesn’t like Kate Middleton’s Felt Tip-esque Eyeliner, What do you think?


When Kate Middleton because the Duchess of Cambridge, it was widely reported that the Bride did her own make up for the day, after taking some make up lessons. I am actually all for this – unless someone stupendous ends up doing my bridal make up, I’d much rather do it myself rather than pay for an average job. There was one thing people picked up on when it came to Kate Middleton’s bridal make […]

Mention in the New York Times!


A few people have asked me about this, as I was interviewed recently for a New York Times Interview about my obsession with Japanese cosmetics. The blog got a really nice mention – you can read it here. It’s been a funny old week, but I have realised with the love of your family and cats, you can kick arse. Here’s a picture of a cat kicking arse: Bring it on!

Blog Sale Update – Times!


Ok, so I learnt something new today. When it gets to summer time, the UK runs off BST not GMT. I did not know this. I thought you could just pick which one looked prettier. Blame the Education System under Labour. So to confirm, UK girls, the time I mean is 7pm BST. When you clock says this: So revised time late:

Estee Lauder Signs A Chinese Model Liu Wen as a Global Face


So its been announed that Estee Lauder have signed two new models, Constance Jablonski from France and Liu Wen from China. Over the years, models in Estée Lauder’s global campaigns have hailed from the U.S. (Karen Graham, Willow Bay, Carolyn Murphy, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hilary Rhoda), the U.K. (Elizabeth Hurley), Czech Republic (Paulina Porizkova), Poland (Anja Rubik) and Ethiopia (Liya Kebede). I read this with a lot of interest over the fact that Estee are using […]

3 Polls and some Randomossity: Happy Friday, Happy October, Meow!

It’s Friday at last people! What a week I’ve had. I have so many cool posts in mind but I’m just so exhausted I can’t quite muster them up so bear with me…The swatch gallery is taking longer than expected, but I have faith in my computer whizz and I hope to have it up in the next month.  Also, I can’t believe its October and I haven’t won the damn lottery yet. I am […]

New! New! New! New! New!

Two new things that will be happening on the blog: a. I will do a weekly catch up, random post for free chatting about anything at all and just to let you know what is coming up on the blog and b. There will be a new daily post featuring a random swatch. We will call this Random Swatch. (P.S. The Hello Kitty was just a bribe to get you to read this post.)

New Shu Uemura Nobara Stick Foundation and Brow Gel

Shu Uemura’s Nobara Foundation has been one of my favourites or a while – its a cream foundation which is crazy rich, creamy, gives great coverage. But alas, it was discontinued. Browsing the Shu site I noticed one of their latest products- the Nobara foundation in a stick! ($42) Oh my god! I need! And that’s not all….

Changes to Cosmetic Candy

Argh. It’s Sunday already. I want to stick my finger through my eyeball. But let’s be positive! Want to alert you to some new features and buttons that you may have noticed. Introducing the C-Box! This is a chat box/message board – sometimes I miss comments or I don’t get a chance to reply because WordPress isn’t playing ball. You can always leave me a message on the message board or discuss make up like […]

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