Super Haulage Alert!: New ID Cosmetics

It’s good to try something New, something different.

I am a Japanese beauty addict, of course, I love my Nars and Chanel, but ain’t it fun finding something new and different to try?

Enter New ID cosmetics – it comes in simple white, unassuming packaging but is really quite nice!

1. Eyeshadow Quad in Blackberry Berry, a mixture of purple, pinks and mulberry:


It’s a really nice quad, and not my usual cool toned palette but it gives a very elegant, simple eye. It’s also soft and pigmented to use (photos of it on at the end!). This was £19.50, you can have a look here.

2. I-Shimmer Stick with blender:


I got the shade in Marshmallow which is goldy tinged. It can be used on the face or around the house. There are four subtle shades to choose from.

I also got a i-groom brow crayon – which is EXCELLENT – waxy but pigmented too. Strangely enough it only comes in one shade – neutral but it worked perfectly well on my dark brown brows:


The Eyebrow Fix crayon is a clear wax for the brows. It’s GREAT:


It’s truly nice and waxy and holds my hairs in place. Also I used it on top of brow powder and there was no mess or fuss.

I got a i-smoulder pen, which is half shadow half liner. It’s not a masively new concept but I love the colour schemes – everything goes together well:

i - smoulder from new<id cosmetics.jpg

It reminds me of the Stila pencils that were also lovely. I have my eye on the green and blue of these pencils, this shade is Charcoal, good for smokey eyes.


They have tons of cheek products too. The cheek trio i-blush kind of covers all the basic blush colours:


It comes in one set only, Ipanema. For £20 it’s good value as the pans are decently sized you get your peach, your pink and your bronze-brown shade in one compact.

The i-blossom is a pressed blusher, the stampy kind.


It comes in two shades a pink and peach. It’s pretty easy to use stamp then blend, although you have to remember to blend it out!

They have a few different kinds of marbled baked powders, similar to the Laura Geller Baked collection or MAC’s mineralized powders. I find the MAC powders I do have too frosty, I find the Laura Gellar powders I have not pigmented enough and a tad chalky. These were just right though:

I-glos sirocco (my favourite)


i-bronze – nice and subtle! Notice how it’s mixed with whites and pinks so you don’t look orange:


i-glow ice pop a pinky type blush:


You can see all the face powders here.

Large Powder Brush:


i-finish loose powder:


In Light – there’s only one shade on side but it’s translucent and left me with quite a nice finish although I’m not sure how well it controls oil. It did on me, but I don’t know how it will work for super oily ladies.

There’s one lipstick i-pout – you can click the bottom and it LIGHTS UP!

I got nudity:


Nudity looks pigmented in the tube, but I swear it’s a beautiful muted pink-brown when on:


And two i-gloss lipglosses in Honey Pot and Moonstone. These come with lights too that come on when you unscrew the lid. Seems silly in the day but wait till you have to apply in the dark – there’s a mirror on the side too so you can apply anywhere!


Glosses are nice – very sheer but give a 3D look as opposed to an overly coloured look. Also very non sticky and sheer – some of the colours look great over lipsticks, like the moon stone which is a pearly, pale white.

I played with everything today and did a quick look. I loved the way my skin looked with the blusher and the eyeshadow espeically. Sorry about the rubbish pictures, its with my webcam:

Photo Booth.jpg
Photo Booth-1.jpg

Favourite Products:

The eyeshadow quad, the eyebrow crayon and the brow fix, the liglosse, the glow powder and blush trio!

You can buy NEW ID Cosmetics here.

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