St. Tropez Aero Bronze

How did I, a non-fan of Fake Tans (although I am testing them because one must have an open mind as a beauty blogger, no?) end up with WAG’s favourite spray on tan from St. Tropez?

Well, originally for the reason of testing, I ordered a fake bake mousse for £9 but the company contacted me, said they didn’t have it and would I like an upgrade to a £20 lotion or spray of St Tropez? I could hear my mothers voice “Only idiots say no to upgrades” (try telling that to WordPress. WordPress! Sort your bloomin’ upgrade out now, because I have lost control of my sidebars).

So here it is. I think I’m ready for my cheap heels, hair bleach and chicken fillets now:

st tropez aero bronze-1.jpg

So this aerosol spits out a bizzare almost dirty green liquid. Not even enough to just spray and go but it only needed a bit of blending in.


1. It’s not stinky. I’m not saying it doesn’t smell at all, but I was shocked by how unsmelly it was.

2. It leave quite a dark tan IMO. Not bad, not too orange.

3. The spray is easy to use. A bit streaky but nothing as bad as I have experienced before.


1. It was a bit streaky

2. It was a bit difficult to control at first

Actually I am surprised by how much I like this tan – a decent colour, easy to use, not stinky. It was £20 – I like! And I am surprised that I do!

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