Speed Review: Heaven Spa at The Hilton, Manchester

**Update: my shoulder is absolutely KILLING me after this massage. It feels like the muscle over my shoulder blade is pulling in the wrong place. Ouch**

I purchased a Wahanda Mobdeal (think they are great) for Heaven Spa located in Manchester at the rather posh Hilton Hotel last week. (When I say posh, I mean posh like how Organic Muesli is posh compared to Frosties, or how Nandos is compared to KFC. Its just a facade.)

The Hilton, in Manchester if full of Footballers (I saw Rio Ferdinand as I made my way in), WAG wannabes and people who have “executive” in their job titles.

The deal was £20 for a £50 treatment. I chose an Indian Head Massage which is £50 at full price. I was so looking forward to this – I have a lot of head and neck pain.


So I arrive at the salon and head to the second floor. I was surprised at how simple the entrance seemed – being the Hilton I thought it would be more swish.

Anyway I filled in my forms and was led to a dark massage room and asked to lie down on the bed – hmmm. I’m sure that the proper way to do a head massage is to be sitting up in a chair?

So the treatment began –
There was a lot of time spend on the back, and shoulders, probably about two thirds of the time.

The rest of the time was spent on my head or should I say – my hair. It felt like the therapist spent a lot of time shaking my hair – I supposed that’s a light massage for the scalp but it really wasn’t what I was expecting – I wanted something more intense and a lot more work on my noggin.

Overall, the whole thing felt a little rushed. There wasn’t much talk about what oils I would like (ie. what scents) or about where I’d like the massage to be concentrated. I felt it was a quick come and go experience – I never fully relaxed either which is a shame.

Now THIS is what you call an Indian Head Massage:

I’m not sure that some of the places I have been to on the Wahanda deal are really getting it – the point of doing this kind of offer is to impress people so much that they come back for a full price treatment not to do a slightly half assed job because they are paying less?

After having quite a few massages this year, I must conclude that the best one overall, so far, is the one I had at Eastthorpe Hall which got the atmosphere and massage just right.

Verdict on Heaven Spa:

It certainly wasn’t a bad massage, it just didn’t feel like a proper head massage, and there was a lack of attention to detail. For £20 I would go again but I certainly wouldn’t go back and pay £50 for the treatment.

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  1. liloo/tsunimee says

    just watched the video (well, i read your review too, disappointed you were disappointed) the very beginning made me cringe a little bit, as it looked like the guy was having his fingers in the ears of the woman but after those 10 seconds, omg, rock on, sign me for this, want this.

  2. says

    I’ve found that a good massage shouldn’t leave you aching all over the next day. If it does, I don’t go back. It should leave you relaxed even if its vigorous unless its a muscular massage which might leave you a little sore but it should go away quickly. Hope your shoulder feels better soon.

  3. pamela says

    Hi there, I am currently going to college and studying Beauty Therapy, along side this I am going on training courses to gain certificates in massage’s as there is a lot about massage and all the different types you have. These certificates I will get are accredited with the Beauty School and give me insurance so that I can use with the general public and charge for this Therapy. I will be working in a large shopping mall soon, Building up my clients and letting people experience all the different massages, where I will have my own business.
    If you would like me to come out to you and pamper you, I charge £60.00 full body and I will give you alovely hea massage and spend timeon your head for you.
    Please feel free to call me on 07926512491 or 0161 7070393. Thank you.