Simple Eye Make Up Remover Pads

One thing I hate with a passion – carrying too much stuff with me when I go away. I mean passionately. Ironically, my handbag is the size of a post sack, and has nearly everything a girl could need in an emergency – still, that is my day bag.

Girls who take 20 pairs of shoes away? Take hair dryers and GHDs? Ain’t me. As long as people aren’t vomiting as I walk by, it will have to do.

So I took Simple Kind to Eyes Eye make up remover pads with me. Its like taking the cotton pads and remover in one!


It is alcohol and oil free.

Now I’ll keep this short and sweet – its a very good eye make up remover however does not remove the REALLY stubborn mascara (the Japanese type) but it is oil free (waterproof mascaras need oil based removers). But I am still impressed by the soft pads and how well they took the eyeshadow I had layered on.

I also didn’t get any stinging or allergies whilst using this. I am trying to switch to mascara that is less difficult to remove anyway so this one will be coming away with me again on my travels on when I need to do a quick change.


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