Sexy Haul: ADDICTION 2010 SUMMER Limited Edition Le Mepris Palette

This is my first foray into ADDICTION, a brand backed by Kose and designed by ex-Nars make up artist Ayako.

The whole line appeals to me – I am a true Nars fan, but the prices put me off. I decided to splurge after seeing the visuals for the Limited Edition Summer Collection, named Le Mepris:


You can’t GET any more Nars than that – Nars is forever naming his products after films and places.

Main Visual:


I LOVE this visual so much. Its shot by Karl Largerfield, I love the bronzed, polished, dolly like look to the photograph. Her eyeliner is perfection. I do think that ADDICTION should use Japanese or Asian models sometimes to show off the range – their core audience is of course, Japanese.

I picked up this Addiction Limited Edition Palette, containing a blush and two eyeshadows. The lid of this palette is holographic (is that the right word?!) and as you move it around, the orange appears and disappears:


I think its madly cute!

And for more magic:

Orange it seems is a the key colour here!

Its a study compact, everything in good working order too.


Inside the palette is two eyeshadows, a pale grey-blue and a pigmented rich midnight blue. The blush is a semi-matte bright orange (think Nars Taj Mahal).

Bright orange is not for everyone. Some of you will be puking into your lunchboxes.

I bloody love orange. Anything that is remotely related to peach, I love. I think this looks great of olive to very dark skins, maybe a little scary of pale girls.


This is my first time and I have to say the eyeshadows are really gorgeous. Creamy, soft and easy to use – it reminds me…yes, NARS!

Both colours are shimmery .


The blusher is a bright orange, and it is extremely, extremely pigmented but when done with a light hand its very pretty and subtle.

There’s a sheen to the blusher but no glitter.





I can totally see how people would see this collection as a no-no.

For one thing its expensive. I paid around £56 for this palette.

Its a weird combination. Midnight Blue and a Light Blue-Grey and a BRIGHT orange blusher. What? I think I can hack these colours but its still a might weird choice – super cool shades mixed with super warm!

Nevertheless – I can totally appreciate the quality of these products – its brilliant and gorgeous to use. Maybe just…not together. Too often.

I guess I also appreciate the fact that the choice of colours are different and quite bold. After all, Ayako could have been boring and put in a white-gold then a turquoise, then a bronzy shade as the blush (hmmm that would be quite nice….)

But she went BOLD instead.

I am a fan of those who dare….

The limited edition collection colours:


I also bought the teal eyeliner in Fanfare. Come back this week for my review of that!

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  1. baby in a corner says

    i would never wear the orange as i am a pinky pale person but i like the overall look. also the promo shot of the girl looks like a real photo and less airbrushed than usual – or is that just me?