Screw You!: A small orange

Anyone know a good web host? When I was searching for one to look after this blog it was a real mission – so many of them suck balls. Finally I settled on A Small Orange – decent company, good prices, can’t fault the speed of responses.

But since I have been with them for a few months I’ve have endless complaints from people saying that they can’t get onto the site…I’ve had lots of problems logging on and I have to send tons and tons of messages getting it sorted. And I get sarky emails from the Customer Services….

So does anyone know of a good web host I can head over to? A large orange perhaps?!

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  1. Row says

    Hi Pandy!

    Yes I know I’ve noticed American CS are very good at being sarcastic then nice at the same time which is irritating because in the UK they are just all out rude. But American CS tends to finish things with “HAVE A NICE DAY THANKS SO MUCH” which grates me….so much

  2. says

    i recommend blue host or quadra :)

    I’ve used them both – if you host your server on quadra’s US server i don’t think they charge as much for bandwidth