Cute Haul of the day: Care Bear Stare!

We’re you a fan of the Care Bears? I was – my favourite was Wish A Lot Bear (the green one):

f_wish.gif (GIF Image, 279x341 pixels).jpg

When in reality, Grumpy is more my style:

grumpy bear.jpg

I saw this cute lipbalm and had to have it – its raspberry flavoured:

DSC03128 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

The lipbalm compact is actually quite big – about 3 inches across.

DSC03130 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

The lipbalm is nothing special – but I figured I could try using it up, if its no good I can scrape it out and add a melted down lipstick:

DSC03131 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Say it with me, Yes its great to be! In the Care Bear Family!

You can buy it here for £5.

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  1. Christie says

    Oh my gosh!! I love Care Bears! I still have some. My favourite was bed time bear. =D I’m so gonna buy that lip balm! x x x

  2. Blair says

    Awww… the Care Bears are super cute! My favourite is Funshine Bear – the yellow one heee~

    • Row says

      Hey Blair

      Huh? Funshine! Never noticed him before! I remember the one with 3 hearts…love a lot bear! x

  3. Blair says

    We are complete opposites! I’ve never noticed Love a Lot bear lol! Funshine is a yellow bear with a smiley sun on his tummy.