RMK New Powder Foundation

I’ve had this compact for a little while now, and it’s taken me quite a bit to get it together. But here it is! RMK’s new powder foundation base in 104L:


I am a big fan of RMK base products. For me, RMK, Chanel, Armani (face fabric foundation) make the best base products, and my new dabble in Illamaqua is also going very well.


Did I tell you how badly I want Chanel’s Mat Lumiere Liquid Foundation? I got a sachet sample and tried it out the other day – it is divine and it lasted all day. And it just blended away, like *that. Never underestimate Chanel products.

I mean, the CEO at work told me that day that I looked like ‘the girl from James Bond’…who? Olga Kurelniko? The most recent bond girl? Dark hair? Has an accent? Yes? YES!!! I love Olga!

However, Mat Lumiere is £40* smackers…mmmm, let me think about it.

*The girl on the counter said it was £40. I just checked online and its £25! Muhahahahahahaha. I would have paid £40 for it! Did you hear that Chanel! You could have ripped me off!


RMK’s new powder foundation comes with a sponge and a brush – clever! Sponge for first application, brush for lighter touch ups.

I don’t actually know why I buy SO MANY powder foundations because although my skin gets a bit oily in the day, it’s not my main problem and I’d rather have a bit of shine than overly taut skin. Also I HATE the powdery finish on ANYONE. You know when the powder settles on someone’s nose and you can see it from the side when the light shines?

I used to share the bus to Uni with a pretty french-british girl who had the worst dark eye circles I have ever seen and every morning she’d pull out her green Clinique powder and whack some over her face, all over her nose, missing out the creases by her nostrils. And the powder, the powder! Everywhere. Dry, Cakey. I wanted to sneeze on her just to add some moisture to her face*

*I didn’t. That would be gross.


Anyway, here it is. This powder foundation has two sections, the main colour and a highlight – shimmery powder to add highlights and a glow.


The shades match up with the current foundation range – I am a 104 so I got the 104L which I think seems a tad darker.

Here is the brush in the pouch, which I have already lost:


Do I like it? Well. It’s alright. But that’s it.

RMK base products are not cheap at all – you are looking at around £20 for primers, £30 for foundations I think this one was over £32 (I can’t quite remember now!) so it is EXPENSIVE. But unlike say the Creamy Foundation which is brilliant, I found myself using this and thinking – well…it’s just another powder foundation. The packaging is ok, the product is good…the whole thing is rather….what’s the word? Unprogressed. Yes I know it’s not a proper word, but I’m using it. If you already have an impressive base range then you need to produce products that are impressiver (also not a word), right? Otherwise what’s the point?

I don’t know what’s up with RMK lately. The products are sending me to sleep and I really dislike how unpigmented a lot of the products are (especially from the Spring range) – bear in mind RMK is NOT cheap at ALL.

The glosses and lipsticks are always stunning but everything is….unmemorable. Oh, how I wish we could return things in the UK without being verbally abused and escorted out of shops (and that’s just by the other half).

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    • Row says

      Hey Abby!

      I have been in the past! :/ Or got into verbal arguements with SA’s.

      It’s Broken

      No it’s not

      Yes it is

      No it’s not

      Why did the powder just spill out in your hand then?

      Er – it supposed to do that.

      and so on….