Review: Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick

I have tried a few of the long lasting style lip products in the past – Max Factor’s, Lip Ink, L’oreal. My experiences with them haven’t been wonderful, mainly because they dry my lips out big time. I wanted to see if Revlon’s new Color (American spelling!) Stay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick would do better.

Revlon - NEW! ColorStay Ultimate™ Liquid Lipstick.jpg

Up to 12 hours of color apparently!

They say:

* Food-proof lipcolor with a built-in, ultra-conditioning topcoat
* One-step application- No topcoat required for comfortable wear
* Stays comfortable and wears beautifully for up to 12 hours
* Does not feather or fade; no touch-ups required, even after meals
* Available in 20 full-coverage, soft satin shades

To Use: Apply a thin, even layer to clean, bare lips and wait until dry.

This is Prized Peach:

DSC02319 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!-1.jpg

I like the tube – a solid, fairly glamourous affair, and the peach shade is a lovely natural shade.

DSC02320 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

The texture is quite liquid and once it dried it stained my hand! The idea of this product is that its a 2 in 1 – unlike traditional long lasting lipsticks, it doesn’t need the ‘top coat’ gloss or balm to add moisture to the lips.

DSC02321 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

I used one coat for a fairly even colour, however, it clung to any dry bits on my lips:

cosmetic candy revlon lipstick.jpg

Now – did it last 12 hours?

Nope. It lasted about 5-6 with coffees and lunch inbetween which is still quite good as I am a vigorous eater.

As the product dried it felt quite sticky and tacky – even when it was completely dry to me, it still felt sticky and if I am honest a little uncomfortable. Not that awful dry, stretchy feeling of the traditional lip products but still tacky nonetheless.

With some lipgloss or balm on top it felt MUCH better and wearable.

After my work day, about 10 hours I was left with this:

DSC02304 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

The colour has clung to the dry patches of my lips and it hasn’t faded evenly.


This lipstick is a huge improvement on the other long lasting lip colours that I have tried before.

There’s a really nice selection of shades

Lasts longer than a normal lipstick


On my naturally dry lips, it still makes them a little flaky. I would suggest that someone who already has healthy lips and doesn’t have much chapping would feel the benefits of this lip colour, rather than anyone prone to dryness.

It feels sticky. I tried a thinner layer, but it still felt tacky to me – some balm on top solves this.

You can browse the range here and buy from larger Boots stores in the UK.

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  1. Amira says

    I hate long lasting lipstuff with a passion. I’ve tried quite a few, they’re ridiculously expensive and generally suck. I had a nice one a few years ago, I think it was by Nivea, but that was a stain and gloss combo (and I’m a benetint kind of girl now).
    I’d rather reapply every couple of hours than deal with the drying, flaking, and the nigh-impossible removal.
    Of course, I wouldn’t have bought that one anyway, as we don’t have Revlon in Austria.
    Thanks for the review!

  2. Row says

    Hi Amira

    Same for me I am afraid I would rather reapply a lip colour after drinking that deal with the texture – its not for me, may work better for some other ladies.

    Lip stains – slightly different arent they? Less drying? I like to reapply anyway I change colour every time!

  3. Katharine says

    I wouldn’t like a tacky lip colour. Thanks for the good review!
    My personal opinion is that L’Oreal infallible lip colour is the best I have found that is a long-lasting lip colour I can put it on before a night out on the town and it last through the night. In the morning it’s still there. A good eye makeup remover takes it right off, too. Now there is a little problem with it drying out your lips but I found the best solution for that is to use the conditioning topcoat throughout the night. If you use a regular lip balm with the L’Oreal product it will not last throughout the day.
    L’Oreal infallible lip gloss has the same problem with being tacky and only lasted about 3 hours any time I use it.

    • Row says

      Hi Katherine

      I have never tried the L’oreal one! But it sounds good. Dryness is a bit problem I think and really, most of these types of lip colour feel a whole lot better with some balm or gloss on the top.

  4. Julie says

    Damn!!! I just went out and bought that – shouldve done my research first! Will see how it goes tomorrow!

  5. Julie says

    Well, tried it on last night… I was curious… and it was really tacky… I left it on for about 30mins before I could stand it no longer and took it off with makeup remover! So disappointed!

    • Row says

      Hey Julie

      THanks for updating us! oh no! This is how I felt too I guess everyone is different I just felt it was too tacky to wear without some balm on it….

  6. Julie says

    Loreal is good! Ive been using that for years, but was tempted to try Revlon… that said, Im back to the trusty Loreal today! It is a little dry, but perfect once you put the gloss on top…. and it REALLY does last!!!

  7. Lizzy says

    I tried the new Revlon Liquid Lipstick today and to be quite honest I didn’t like the tacky sensation but I was actually impressed with how long the colour has lasted, I must have put it on at about 1.30pm and it is now 1.30am and most of my colour is still on my lips!! I am a keen liptsick/lip gloss user and collector and out of all the long lasting lipsticks I have used this has got to be my favourite! All the rest fade or worse – feather and flake, with this lipstick I don’t feel those horrid tiny flakes of hard lipstick against my lips every time I press them together! I understand how people feel about the tacky sensation, but in my case I am willing to be a little uncomfy for such long lasting colour :) And my lips don’t actually feel dry yet either, so I have to give it 4/5!

    • Row says

      Hey Lizzy

      I’m glad the Revlon works so well for you! I haven’t yet found a long lasting lipstick (the kind that sets) that suits my dry lips unfortunately I found the Revlon was lacking in lustre in its finish and the tackyness I couldn’t bear without some balm on top. I have to say personally I like reapplying lip colour – it gives me the chance to change half way through the day if I want 😀

  8. Lizzy says

    Hi Row

    Yes I do like the Revlon but I am like you, I also like to reapply my lipgloss and lipsticks throughout the day, that way it looks and stays fresh! The Revlon does have a rather lack lustre finish especially after a few hours but the colour stays on if your lips are not dry. So to anyone who reads this: Yes, Revlon is good, it’s definately not for everyone, I personally would recommend reapplying your fave lipstick/lipgloss for that fresh look all throughout the day! 😀 It only takes a minute of your time and that way your lip colour wont look tired and dull!

  9. Alice says

    I actuall like the liquid lipstick. I agree that it feels a little dry but I LOVE the color on me ( it’s called “brilliant bordeaux”). I pair it with Revlon Super Lustrou Lipstick in “Raspberry Bite” underneath the liquid lipstick. After reading all your reviews, I am going to do a test on it. LOVE the color!!!

    • Row says

      Hi Alice

      Glad it worked for you :) I found it was no better than the usual long last lipsticks – my lips are dry anyway so I need hydrating lipsticks!