Review: Redken Scalp Relief Treatments; Dandruff, Soothing and Detox

In my never ending pursuit of scalp relief, I stumbled across these Redken scalp treatment tonics.

Applied after shampooing, I figured these would be a worthy investment. I bought all three since I suffer a little from each of the symptoms mentioned here, and (mainly) because I found them on eBay for about £4 each (retail is about £14/99). Bargain!


Oil Detox for oily scalps. This is a very light oil that made my scalp feel soft and quite nice, although it didn’t stop flaking:


Has a Specialized Lipa-Sponge System = instantly absorbs, purifies and protects against excessive oil caused by overactive sebum production.

They Say: This formula utilizes the advanced Lipo-Sponge System technology combining lipacide to rebalance pH level, micro-sponges and lemon extract. Thoroughly cleanses pores, absorbs excess oil and purifies the scalp. Rebalances scalp to its natural moisture equilibrium, while mattifying and controlling oil.

Dandruff Control – this is a clear liquid which stung like a mutha….


I don’t think it worked *that* well for the flakies if I’m honest. It left my scalp feeling really clean though.


Pyrithione Zinc = to fight, control and help eliminate scalp scaling, flaking and irritation
Glycerine = to hydrate
Lavender Extract=to soothe and clarify

They say: It is formulated with the powerful Hydro-Zone System that utilizes lavender extract and glycerin to help soothe, calm and clarify scalp. Purifies, moisturizes and hydrates dry scalp while soothing and calming. Scalp is clarified, hydrated and relieved.

Finally, Soothing Balance which is so far, my favourite. This was kind of tingly at first, then soothing and stopped me from scratching at my scalp.


It contains eucalyptus and liquiorice extracts = instant calming, soothing, and relief of sensitivity and scalp stress.

They say: It is formulated with Redken’s exclusive Calming Suspension System technology that utilizes eucalyptus and liquiorice extracts to help gently soothe, calm and de-stress while moisturizing, refreshing and rebalancing the scalp. Relieves scalp tension and tightness while providing scalp equilibrium.

All in all, I will keep using these products and see if they make a long term difference.

In a way, all these three leave in treatments overlap each other. As someone with a sore, irritated, itchy scalp with occasional flakies, I think I could have closed my eyes and picked any as a treatment. That’s kind of irritating.

However – I did not pay retail price for these which makes me feel better – they are being sold at about 80% less than rrp on eBay! Well worth a go at the discounted price.

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