Geeky Gloves: Etre Fivepoint Gloves, Stay Warm and Do Stuff!

In case you haven’t noticed, in the UK at the moment we have:

1. Snow

2. Lots of pointy nipples

It’s so damn cold outside! Any Asian kid whose parents used to have a catering business will relate to me when I say, remember going to the Cash & Carry and going through the refrigerated section?

It’s like like that when you’re outside, like being in a chiller.

But the cold can’t stop me from tweeting, sending abusive emails and buying crap on eBay writing essential emails and these Etre Fivepoint Gloves are right up my geeky street:


They say:

Thanks to their specially-designed conductive fingertips, our gloves do what other gloves don’t: They conduct electricity! Which means that you can touch, tap and type on touch-screens without ever having to take them off – so you stay in-touch while your hands stay toasty!

So basically, these gloves allow you to use your touch screens without the usual restrictions of gloves!!…..

Do they work?

Yes they do but there are pros and cons.


– They work better for touch screen than any other glove I have had before. Can you play Angry Birds with it? Yes. Can you pay for an eBay item with it? Yes. That’s all you need to know.

– The design is nice – it’s simple and stylish, good for men and women


– I found that the gloves struggled more with swiping movements than tapping ones. A bit more pressure is needed to swipe but it’s not impossible.

– Mr C thinks that these gloves aren’t as warm as his leather ones (he’s a serial killer at the weekends*), and lack a ‘cosyness’.

I guess because he drives to work, he can’t use his phone on the way anyway and therefore spends less time outdoors in this weather than I do. Whereas see appreciate the practical use of the gloves more, because I commute. Phones numb the pain of public transport – FACT.

At the moment these come in three sizes, small, medium and large (I wear medium) and comes in blue with grey tips (pictured). More colours will be added in the new year if your fingers haven’t already dropped off from frostbite.

They cost £24.99 each, buy them here – well worth it if you are a hardcore tech user like me (Mr C has a large pair, if that isn’t ultimate geek, I don’t know what is).

*Sorry, obsessed with Dexter

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  1. says

    HOLY CRAP I was just saying to my mom today that I don’t understand why we can’t make gloves that work with touch screens. Drives me nuts that I can’t change the song on my ipod or dial my phone in the winter. PERFECT! :)

  2. says

    Dear sir/madam,

    I am owen from Shangyu Seeway Gloves company in China. We also manufature touch screen gloves used on iphone and ipod. They have specially-designed fingertips which can conduct electricity. They are warm. The design is simple and stylish,good for both man and woman.

    The price is also very competitive, just usd2.5/pair which shares the same quality of other touch screen gloves.

    I know it’s a hot market now in Europe, please contact me for further details if you are interested. Thanks.

    Best regards,

    Shangyu Seeway Gloves Co.,Ltd Skype:tu-zi-mo
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