Review: L’oreal True Match Roll On Foundation

What do I do when I see something that I think is a positively silly invention? I buy it! Ta-Da!

loreal roll on true match.jpg

When this foundation first came out (I think Evangeline Lily and Eva Longoria are in the advert) how we sniffed. How we laughed. Rolling on a foundation? Ludicrous.

God, I want to strangle Eva Longoria. I think Evangeline is quite beautiful but she reminds me of the sister in law so *makes a stabbing noise*

Anyway, I got it. Choosing a foundation from a drugstore counter is so-so hard. In the end I had to use my nose and pick a random one up – I got R3 Beige Rose –

loreal roll on foundation.jpg

Read on to see what I thought!When you actually think about it, the roll on applicator is just a sponge but…like a roller. Plenty of us use sponges to apply our base, right?

loreal roll on.jpg

Its a small plastic thing with a beige sponge attached. Lightweight, rolls smoothly.

There’s a problem when you try and get the product on the sponge – you have to press down pretty hard to get anything on your sponge. The pan with the foundation in is perfectly shaped for the roll on, but nevertheless, it takes a good few rolls to get product on it.

loreal true match roll on.jpg

There seems to be more product on the edges that the centre of the roller – can’t seem to avoid this. As saturated as I can get it:

loreal foundation.jpg

Rolling this on was actually ok. Almost fun. It didn’t take much product at all to get a decent coverage, and it was quite a light application – nothing heavy or cakey about it.

Yep – its true. As much as I wanted to tell you this was a terrible product, its not. The sponge actually gives quite an even, soft finish without too much product. There is the issue of the line it leaves but you can roll this out, or roll over it:

loreal true match.jpg

Rolled on my hand. You can see the edge:

loreal true match-1.jpg

Yes yes, I like the applicator. Its still gimmicky, but its not bad at all. I wouldn’t get it out on the bus and start rolling my face though – that would look odd.

**UPDATE** – yes it is a bugger to apply around the nose, you have to just use your finger or a brush there!

As for the foundation itself – well the shade didn’t match me *boo hiss* it was too light and a tad too pink. I also felt that the base didn’t last as long as I would’ve liked – I got the oilies. Better for dry skins I think.

Before (my skin is very spotty and rashy at the moment):

loreal true match-2.jpg

After one roll:

loreal true match foundation.jpg

You can buy L’oreal in Boots, Superdrug etc. etc.

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  1. says

    Good lord, that actually looks GOOD! *Shocked* I was expecting a pile of crap from this one. Wasn’t it a bugger to apply around the nose and other ‘crevice-y’ areas?

  2. says

    Hi! I’m Mary, a newby in your blog!
    Personally I gave up on L’oreal foundations some time ago and this will not charm me either. This rolling thing is just a stupid way to get attention IMHO, nothing positive about it. And the fact that it can’t handle oiliness is a no-no for me >.< Thanks for the review!

  3. Girl says

    Sister-in-law?!? You’ve gotten hitched already?!? I’ve been away from the blog for too long, haven’t I? *hangs head*

    • Row says

      Hey GIrl

      NO I am NOT married. I was just referring to her as Sis in Law but no – thankfully not tied down to an eternity of damnation just yet

  4. says

    Wow! For just one roll, that’s incredible coverage! I’m fascinated by this product, and I’m always looking for good drug-store foundation!! I might have to try this out!

  5. lisa elina says

    Hi . I’m from NORWAY, so my english isn’t that good. And i am only 12 years old.
    I really wan’t to try out the new Loreal rollon foundation. i wounder if it’s good ?
    I am going to go to travel to Engald december 13. How mouch does it cost ? I think i will buy it in Englad, but i dont know if its cheaper in Norway or in Englad. in Norway it cost around 12o norwegians krones. That will say arond 12 £

  6. says

    L’oreal roll on foundation is genarally very good. It covers all my blemishes and redness. It get the right amount on the roller so you don’t look like you have mud on your face… i would really recommend this product it is mch better then the liquids and matte mousse

  7. Erin says

    I’ve been using this product for maybe 2 weeks. I’d rate it 7/10. It does give decent and even coverage, but wares off in a few hours. Great news though, I didn’t break out or have a bad reaction to it since I have very sensitive skin. I especially love it because I can roll it on my eyelids as a base. The only real negatives are that I feel the case and roller are cheapish and flimsy and the roller is hard to clean.