Review: Lavshuca Mix Eyes Eyeshadow Palette Autumn 2009

Lavshuca by Kanebo, is one of the reasons why I fell so hard in love with make up, yet the brand has been missing the point, so to speak, for quite a few seasons. I have skipped a lot of the last few collections because they looked repetitive and somewhat dull.

But hey! The new palettes for Autumn sure look pretty:


I choose BU-1 which I paid about £10 for from Adambeauty:

lavshuca quad.jpg

There’s no doubt about it – this is one of the prettiest quads Lavshuca has come up with for a while…There are four sections to the palette in a pretty swirl shape that reminds me of the wool symbol on the washing machine – not that I touch the thing.

There is the mix highlight shade, the contour shade (the green), a highlight and a dark, liner/shader colour. Its a shimmery palette but no chunks of glitter:

lavshuca palette quad.jpg

Then we go to swatch. Hmmm. It’s still lovely but its’ not quite as soft as I’d like. The two lighter shades are a little gritty. The darker shades are pigmented and lovely though:

lavshuca quad-1.jpg

See I compare all the Lavshuca palettes to their first quad, which is just heaven in a compact – palette PU2? A must have for everyone!:

Lavshuca | Products????????.jpg

I am hoping that the brand doesn’t so so badly in the future that it gets discontinued, because its a very pretty brand that is affordable and to me has some kind of x-factor….I want them to do well, I want them to impress me.

This quad is jolly nice and I would recommend it although its not perfect. If you have never owned Lavshuca I say seek out the old palette – its gorgeous.

On the eye:

cosmetic candy lavshuca eyeshadow.jpg

You can buy Lavshuca here.

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