Review: Lancome Virtuose Mascara

After reading the blurb for this mascara I had to give it a try:

> Divine 100° curved lashes for 12 hours thanks to the exclusive Curlguard™ Complex.

> The KeepCurl brush™ provides an outstanding eye-lash curler effect.

> Extraordinary wear that’s virtually smudge-proof and tear-proof. Easily removable.

I am obsessed with finding the perfect mascara to hold curl – so much so that I own about 25 mascaras. The fact is, most mascaras are too heavy for short, sparse lashes like mine.

So this new Lancome mascara appeared to me to be the dream formula since is has something called “Curlguard™” (and cared enough to trademark it!

My verdict? The brush is wonderful, a full but curved brush that fits the eye area. Lengthening is great, although it clumps after two coats. But does it hold curl…….no. Not on me anyway. It flopped pretty much as soon as I applied it, adding length but definately not holding the freshly curled lashes.

I think if you naturally have long and curly lashes, this mascara will hold it, but in terms of working for my type of lashes, it is below average. Even the super thick YSL Faux Cils is better than this at holding curl!

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