Review: Eyelash Extensions with Flutter Lashes at Urban Retreat Harrods


Say what! Well, I recently got to try out the Flutter Lash Extensions at Urban Retreat in Harrods.

Founded by Kathryn, who has 6 years of experience with lashes, Flutter Lash Extensions are for those like some oomph to the eyes.

 Flutter Eyelash Extensions.jpg


Situated on the top floor of Harrods, I was a little discombobulated when I first met Kathryn – she looked so much younger (not that I was expecting an old hag) than I thought she would for someone running a thriving, successful business.

So I turn up on time (didn’t get lost for once) and the treatment was similar to other experiences I had. Lying on a comfy table, the process takes as long as other lash extensions and perms I’ve had – at least 2 hours.

Two hours actually didn’t sound too bad to me as I spent about four hours with Sue Marsh and her absolutely gorgeous lash extensions last year.

Flutter Eyelash Extensions.jpg


I asked for a ‘mascara finish’ which is a dark and curly look, which would mean I wouldn’t need to apply mascara. The lashes are stuck individually to the lashes with super strong glue – since my lashes are very straight I was concerned they would get weighed down.

Kathryn assured me rather than make my lashes limp, the curl would be enhanced.

So I sayz…bring it baby!


The process involves painstakingly sticking the fake lash onto your own lashes one by one. Needless to say, you really need someone who knows what they are doing because they glue they use for this process is very strong.

Sneak Peek!:

lash extensions-2.jpg

It wasn’t uncomfortable as Kathryn is very gentle. The only part that made me squint a little was then the lashes were being brushed through (which was done quite a lot to make sure the lashes were separated) as on some lashes the glue dried quite quickly.

In true slob style, I kept falling asleep and waking myself up with little snores….so embarrassing. But if you don’t snore, its a great time to have a cat nap – makes the whole process fly by….Here are the lashes closed.

My lashes do indeed, look curly as Kathryn promised:

Lash Flutter Extentions.jpg

The biggest difference for me between these lashes and the last set I had is that these feel and look different. These are thicker and feel a little coarser. This gives the full volume, glam look which doesn’t need any mascara (although you can wear water based mascara with it).

lash extensions.jpg

In terms of comfort, I must admit I struggled a little for a few days after. I am not used to such thick lashes so I found myself wiggling them about, wondering if this and that was poking me in the eye etc.

But now, I’ve grown used to them and they aren’t cumbersome at all – infact they’d work well for women like me with straight, short lashes because they pull them up.

lash extensions-1.jpg

The longevity is excellent. In a week I’ve only lost 2 lashes, so these have really stuck down well. I’ve not had any desire to reach for the mascara either and no need for curlers so its giving my eyes a break!

I don’t miss not applying mascara….so bloomin’ time consuming!

lash extensions flutter.jpg


If you want hawt, glam lashes, Flutter Lashes is your place! The whole process was pretty quick and easy, my lashes look all…well, fluttery.

A full set of lashes with Kathryn costs £200, and £100-£120 for Maintenance. Other prices here. Its expensive, but if you are going to do it, you need to go with someone good with a track record, and it saves a lot of trouble!

You can book for a session with Kathryn of one of her team – they offer a mobile service if you live in the Surrey/Kent/London areas (phone to check if the cover your address – 01372 386 312) or you can book through Urban Retreat (0207 893 8333) for treatment on a Friday.

The website is here if you want to look at the amazing transformations!

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  1. says

    Rowena, your lashes look FAB! Very natural and made my heart flutter at the natural look of them – be still, little heart! Mwhahaha ‘discombobulated’ I like how you incorporated such a funky word into it all 😉

  2. Naz says

    Your lashes look soooooo good. Let us know how long they last altogether! Also, what would be a water based mascara? Which brand?

    • Row says

      Hi Naz

      Non Waterproof mascaras are water based, waterproof ones are oil based :)

      Something like Max factor (non waterproof) would be a good choice!

      So far they are holding on tight!

  3. says

    These do look coarser than your Sue Marsh ones (thanks for the link, those look ah-mazing!). I guess these are more dramatic though? I can see why they’d take a little getting used to. The curl is really nice!

    • Row says

      Hi Alexzandra

      I will!

      2 weeks in, they are lasting quite well, I went through a phase where it irritated my eyes but now its grown in more

  4. liloo says

    these look fab. much prefer those to the kym marsh ones.
    the snoring episodes made me laugh, did you dribble a bit as well for the full effect? 😛

  5. says

    Really beautiful, looks better and more dramatic than the ones you got done last year (in my humble opinion!)… I feel lash envy coming on!!!

    Been researching about lash growth treatments lately, and it seems that Latisse is still leading as the product that delivers best results. But aye, it is SO expensive when calculating the long-term costs. *empties out pockets* So I suppose lash extensions may be a better option to look into!

    • Row says

      Hi Leona

      Yes these lashes are thicker than last years. I have never tried Latisse! I have a couple I am supposed to be testing *whoops* but I collapse into bed every night so I forget!