Review: Dove Spa Porcelain Pore Reduction Scrub & Dew Drops Mask

Last week I finished my jar of beloved Nars Mud Mask – a dark green clay which I have loved for a long time. It is one of the few masks that doesn’t make my skin itch like a mutha – but a replacement is £33 for 100ml and I felt like something new. That’s right – like those insufferable little tweens from High School Musical, I was breaking free.

Dove Spa is actually a spa and it is actually an offshoot from out well known Dove brand but posher. More…advanced. I don’t know if thats true but I will presume it is.

It sure is pretty:

Dove Spa - Professional Skincare Products.jpg

They have a vast range of goodies, but I decided I needed

1. A mask to pep up my super tired skin and
2. A scrub to get rid of all the dullness that also wasn’t harsh.

I chose:

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Dewdrops Refreshing Mask (£20.00) – with peppermint extract, cucumber extract and panthenol.

They say:

Dewdrops is the perfect wake-up call for tired skin. A deeply invigorating mask, it contains a blend of revitalising Peppermint, Cucumber extract and moisturising Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5) to leave skin soft, fresh and dewy. The cream’s lightly whipped texture makes it easy to apply a thick layer, for a truly refreshing experience.

It comes in this wicked tube right, which is an excellent kitty toy. But the mask – oh the mask – is just lovely. I usually have the masks that suck all the crap out of the skin then I have to sit on a bed of spots for two weeks plus the scars cos I just can’t help squeezing them.

Anyway this is just soothing, refreshing and makes the skin super soft. Its like a thick lotion you slather on and leave for a bit. I was worried because peppermint – hello allergies! But nope, nothing, no rashes, no itches.

And it smells sexy, like a sexy cucumber. This is one of those masks I’d have no fear using whenever I felt like it because there isn’t the zit sucking element there.

Verdict: Recommended very much for anyone who has a lack of sleep. There’s loads of other ones in the range that I want to try too.

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Then I got the Porcelain Pore Reduction Scrub (£18.00) – with white clay, rice grains and witch hazel.

They Say:

Is a white clay mask that improves the skin’s texture by encouraging cell renewal and refining pores. The White Clay in the scrub draws out impurities, while Rice Grains buff the skin and Witch Hazel refines pores. For smooth and refreshed skin, use twice a week. Apply to the face and neck, using delicate circular upward motions.

Once again I am sensitive so am scared of scrubs. In my dreams, I would love a really scrubby scrub that works well with sensitive skins but it ain’t gonna happen. At the same time, I don’t like scrubs that are very liquid with not many grains.

Porcelain scrub is somewhere inbetween. It’s a smooth lotion with grains in it – not too much to be harsh and not too little to be ineffective. Once again, I didn’t have any rashes or itches with this product.

As for pore reducing – its too early to say but it left my skin a little brighter and smoother. I didn’t notice it making any spotty areas worse and also smells rather lovely.

Most other scrubs make me itch badly (which is why I don’t recommend many) but this was a great one for more delicate ladies like myself or even for people with oily skins, I would daresay.

Verdict: Also a winner!

You can view the whole range on their site but there’s so much choice, I’d recommend doing the skin diagnosis to get a better idea of what suits your skin here.

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