Proper Old School, Like! Badedas Original Bath Gelee

Some products are just OLD SKOOL, and by old school I mean stuff like Old Spice and Fenjal Bath Oil. These were the things I used to see in the bathroom as a kid, these are the products that I would never use now but nevertheless remind me of being a young.

Badedas Originl Bath Gelee is one of those things I remember seeing and when you smell it…all kind of memories! It’s sort of fresh and green but retro…


The smell is perhaps the horse chestnut extract. Granted I don’t take baths that often, I can’t be doing with the environmental guilt so Mr C’s mother happily took these to use. #alttext#

So we like the Bath Gelee. The formula is somewhat thick and gloopy so you only need a little bit and the result is lots of bubbly foam and a generally invigorating bath.

The 3 in 1 revitalising shower gel, shampoo and conditioner (oh no, not on my frizzy mop) was also rejected my Mr C’s mother (because most ladies want a separate shampoo and conditioner right?!) but used by Mr C who quite liked it although the scent is “a bit strong” but his hair did feel “really clean”.

I have to say the scent is very strong – best have a sniff to see if you’d like it or not – but it’s quite fresh.

This could make a nice mother’s day present for those on a tight budget.



This currently retails for £3.81 at Boots and is sold in other high street pharmacies and supermarkets.

Is there a beauty product that evokes childhood memories for you?

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  1. Gordita says

    Ahaha I bought this for my grandmother for Christmas! Supposedly it’s extremely nice! The packaging looks out of date for my taste, a bit 90s?
    I’d need to smell something to have something evoke childhood memories, but I basically grew up with Pantene, think everyone did? And Lynx, ugh. (although those are more teen memories aren’t they).