New You Tube Video: Annoying things that Shop Assistants Do…

New video ready AT LAST.

Sorry ladies, it took ages because I’ve just been too busy to finish this video. Please watch, rate, subscribe, send presents.

Here it is:

No, Megan is not available for party hire. Not officially anyway.

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  1. says

    OMG how cute is Megan!
    fantastic vid, I used to to work in boots so I know exactly what you mean about nutty customers! x

  2. tigerslovepepper says

    Mean SA…brrrrrrrr…I’m planning to buy some lipsticks but I’m scared: I don’t have a checkbook. xD
    Megan rocks! She is brilliant. Love your videos.

  3. Halifax says

    Omg, this video should be played at all SA training courses, lol. You guys are so funny

  4. Julia says

    Fabulous! and your accents remind me of home!!

    I had a YSL assistant in Selfridges in Manchester refuse to sell me the shade of foundation I asked for as ‘there’s no way you’re Opal…I’m not an Opal and you’re much darker than me’

    I’m ghostly pale and she was bright orange, but that’s beside the point. How rude!

    I’m off to watch your other videos.

    • Row says

      OMG – I had a YSL shop assistant try to tan me up too! It happens on SO many counters! Always too pale or too light

  5. mayrei says

    lol. You make a great comedy duo. Very funny. My boyfriend was sort of watching it out of the corner of his eye and kept laughing at the appropriate moments, even though I know he doesn’t really understand the whole makeup counter nightmare.

    And yes, those things happen to me every time, which is why I try to buy all of my cosmetics online, and rely heavily on reviews and swatch photos. I can’t afford to be talked into buying things I don’t need, and I can’t handle being shamed for not being able to afford it.

  6. Li says

    Brilliant, Megan is hilarious, great kid : D I played this for my Flatmate who just had a shop assistant tell her how hideous everything she liked is and how this one skirt was the answer. In just the style she hates. But she still bought it.

    I’ve been an SA too, there’s always a point where you should back off, the customer makes up their own mind. Otherwise it’s all even more stressful for everyone.

    Well done!

    • Row says

      Oh I am so glad you like it!!!!!

      I know I have been pressured into buying stuff too. The point is, is that ANYONE can get pressured into buying something!

  7. says

    Hahaha I laughed the whole way through (and trust me, I never watch videos the whole way through). You’re both hilarious in the sketches! And you look gorgeous in each of your different looks.

    I hate the clueless sales assistant the most. That “SPF” scene is totally believable.

    But I’ve also starting coming across more and more the stereotyping sales assistants who almost refuse to sell me the beige foundation shade I’ve just tried out (in front of them!), because they assume I must be darker and yellower because I am of Asian ethnicity.

    • Row says

      Ahh thankyou so much!

      I have such trouble getting foundation – I tend to trust my own judgement and they don’t like that!

  8. tac says

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