Ettusais Eye Cream Shadow

These Ettusais cream eyeshadows have been around forever, but at the moment they are on offer at ADAMBEAUTY.COM under specials so I bought 3 that were still in stock:


God I love cream eyeshadows. It wasn’t always like this of course; in the old days when I first got cream eyeshadow from the likes of No. 17 and Maybelline it was crease city. Yak. Not so with most (not all) cream shadows of the Japanese variety. With them, the likes of Shiseido Hydro Power, Visee’s eye creams, Jill Stuart Eye Jellies, Lavushca Eye Jellies, Paul & Joe Eye Gloss = no creasing even when worn on their own.

But I digress! These Ettusais shadows may be oldies but they are goodies:


All of the colours are quite sheer and have a nice micro sparkle finish to them. The pink is particularly nice.

They blend away quite sheerly so would work well with some dark liner or eyeshadow on top. I didn’t find it creasing or streaking through the day.

My ususal complaint with these eye creams is that they aren’t pigmented enough. Of all the creamy/jelly based eye shadows I have it tends to be the western brands like Nars, Benefit, Shu Uemura, Bobbi Brown and Stila (eye mousses) that do pigmented cream shadows. The Japanese cream shadows then to be pretty sheer pastels with a hint of colour.

But these are on offer people! If you are new to cream eyeshadows then you need to try these; they are a great introduction. Would I buy them at full price? Nah – but on offer they are a nice addition to my ‘to go’ make up bag which has the cosmetics I like but don’t need to have on my dressing table every day.

Love cream eyeshadows, or hate em?

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  1. Row says

    Hi Pandy

    I’d say they are about the same as cream can’t really say its any less or more irritating. They don’t fall in your eyes, which is always a bonus, but I find jellies dry quicker so are harder to blend.