Nars 2009 Summer Collection – Tropic Eyeshadow

Nars has a tropical collection together for the summer – documented here.

I went to see the collection a few days ago. The two products that stood out to me was Tropic Solo Eyeshadow, similar to the Night series, super glittery, and the lipgloss, a cool tones mauve with gold.

However, I am on a lip product ban, since I have far too many as it is. So I just bought Tropic:


Tropic is described as: Lush, silver-flecked teal – a precise image of the ocean’s waves.


I have visions of Francoise Nars, cocktail in hand, lying on a sun lounger going, “yah, yah this inspires me, this greeny-bluey see, make it into an eyeshadow, yah?”


You may love or hate this. The night series is they kind of eyeshadow that needs a bit of work, a bit of understanding. In the words of Take That, have a little patience.

The colour itself if HAWT. A teal – a true, true teal, gorgeousness.

The pigmentation is good. I’ve read not very good comments online about this, but I personally have found this one very pigmented; more so than say, Night Fairy or the ones from the Christmas collection (Silent Night, the chunky gold).

The shadow itself, underneath the glitter (we’ll get onto this is a moment) is MATTE. Matte seems to be in at the moment. I won’t complain; a bit of change is good once in a while.


The glitter! Nars seems to have spent too much time at Hobbycraft* in the glitter section because this chunky glitter in tropic is like the stuff in Super Orgasm Blush, in Silent Night Eyeshadow and in Night Snow (off the top of my head).

I love glitter! I do. But even I have to concede, this is a little too dance troupe.

*UK craft superstore that old people and uncreative young people who think they are creative go to.
“Do you like your card? I made it myself”
“I can tell! It’s sh*t!”


I had a make over at the Nars counter with the cutest MUA ever, but even she couldn’t avoid the masses of fall out. Sigh.

I would still recommend this if you:

1. Love Nars
2. Like Glitter
3. Like Teal
4. Are part of a dance group, the kind that does shows purely for family members who attend out of feeling guilty.

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  1. says

    are the glitters on super orgasm as chunky on this?

    some reason the glitter on the eyeshadow started looking like dandruff! aside from that it’s a gorgeous blue shame about the glitter falling off.

    i’ve found a look from a HK mag that was done with this eyeshadow which IMO was quite nice and different. going to try and find it and share it with ya.

    • Row says

      Hey Lyn

      Super Orgasm glitter is pretty chunky, but not silver, more of a white :o/ It’s slightly trannylicious.

      Yes yes I want to see the look!

  2. says

    I knew you will get it!

    I love teal, the more green type, too (as well as the chunky glitter in super orgasm) but I cannot pull of matte shadow *at all* , not to mention the color is so bright…So I just gave up when I found out that tropic is matte…

    But I do think I might be able to make it work if I can wear it as eyeliner (assuming the texture and pigmentation are good enough.) Or maybe it will still be too much…

    • Row says

      Hey Citrine

      Me to, I love that seafoam colour, I think its my favourite! Tropic would be better as a flat out shimmer I think – Matte + chunky glitter is a bit weirg. Having said that I will give it a go today. I think it would work really well wet as a liner though, just a peep of colour.

  3. Elizabeth says

    I love the colour – so very beautiful however I found half an hour after wearing it all the glitter had fallen off. Tis a shame! x

    • Row says

      Hey Elizabeth

      Yeah, even on the promo shot, the model doesn’t have the glitter on 😛 too chunky, man!

  4. elaina says

    Tip to keep the glitter from falling off put some eyebrow gel on the back of your hand and then apply it to the eyelid. pat the eyeshadow on top of that, don’t brush it on – pat it on. The glitter will stay all night and even in the morning!

    This eyeshadow is soo grorgeous i’ve had many compliments when i worn it and i never get compliments for my eye shadow.