Naris Up Blackhead Solution: Pore Clear Eggshell Essence and Charcoal Nose Pack

I can’t resist a cute little gimmicky product so I bought this from Adambeauty a few weeks back.

This is Naris Up (a Japanese brand) Pore Clear Eggshell Essence and Charcoal Nose Mask/Pack for clearing pores!

Nose strips work just ok on me – I have yet to find one that I love and is 100% effective. Hence I love trying these masks – apply after a shower when your skin is soft and your pores are opening up for the best result!


So you apply this stuff over your chin, nose, forehead – where you have blockages and when you peel off, this *should* happen. Should.


Ewwwwww I know.

Tell you what, I do totally adore these type of nose packs – they leave my skin really clean and I can be extremely lazy – slap it on at the start of Pineapple Dance Studios and peel off at the end – not its not 100% effective, more like 80% and that’s enough for me.

Having said that, you don’t need to leave this on for ages – this mask dries in approximately 15 minutes when it turns shiny….You only get 20g That’s not much but you only need a bit.


Anyway, why eggshell and black charcoal.

Apparently, Egg Shell Essence softens the pores and minimises allergies – if you have ever tried the egg white face mask (which I personally find pretty good but I can’t just use raw egg on my face as raw egg in general makes me queasy) you will find that it does a great job lifting, brightening and tightening pores.

This stuff does something similar in terms of tightening pores.

The Black Charcoal is cleansing.

This stuff is really opaque – its quite good fun to apply:


I applied it on the chin – like some kind of swamp monster.

Had no allergies from this, no stinging, to redness which happens quite often to me.


It did pull some blackheads out but it didn’t perform miracles. Still, its a nice product I’d recommend this to anyone with oily skin or suffers from blackheads and has never tried something like this before – its good for giving the skin a deep clean!

I bought this from Adam Beauty.

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  1. says

    My Adam Beauty wishlist is growing exponentially bigger and bigger everytime I read your posts..!! Have been wanting a beauty product like this for a while, plus pore strips are just ‘meh’ for me! Must try 😀

    • Row says

      Hi Jules

      I love adambeauty, its like my spirtual home after ebay! Pore strips I’ve found are only ok – this is actually just as good if not better than a strip and you can also give yourself a moustache xxx