More Sunscreen! Lioele Freshwater Sunscreen Review

Lioele is a Korean brand which seems to be getting more attention over the internet recently.

I first discovered the brand about a year ago and ordered a big box of random goodies. As usual, the foundation and base products were too pale for me :( and I was so disappointed I got gave a lot of the things away or sold them in a blog sale.

This Lioele Freshwater Sunscreen did catch my eye recently though:

liole sun screen sun block.jpg

This is a SPF 45 which is great – I am finding that I am tanning quite a lot without even realising it and sun damage last thing I want for my skin…crows feet…yak.

Lioele’s Fresh Sun Screen is for face and body and is supposed to be a light, easily absorbed texture.

liole fresh sun screen sun block.jpg

The cream is white, and a medium thick texture.

I prefer sunscreens that sink in quickly, and leave no colour cast. I usually apply foundation and primer, and moisturizer so the last thing I want it lots of thick layers…The cream:

liole sunscreen sunblock fresh.jpg

As you can see, it’s a fairly thick, opaque cream.

I have to say…I am not overly impressed by this Sun Screen.

It’s certainly decent…but it’s not amazing. It sort of sits on the surface for a while, unless you spend some time working it in:

Fresh Sunscreen Liole.jpg

So overall…can’t wait to try more from Lioele (I’ve heard great things about their BB cream but I fear it will be too pale) but this sunscreen is just ok and I’ll probably save it for my body.

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  1. jaffra says

    If it’s worth the trouble for you, you can buy some Face Atelier Zero Plus and then you can make every pale foundation or BB cream work for your skin. It’s a great product, it allows me to use any Asian foundations I want, you only need a tiny weeny bit and it doesn’t mess with the foundation formula at all. I think I bought mine at Cult Beauty (they have the Face Atelier foundations too, OMG they’re amazing)…

  2. says

    this looks like a small tube. Thanks for the review, I’ve noticed alot of people talking about this brand too. Do you think it feels heavy, sticky or shiny?