Meeting Cat Deeley at the Pantene Colour Protect Range Event

I had so so so much fun last week when I was invited by Pantene to meet their spokesperson, Cat Deeley at The Savoy, to talk about hair, beauty and generally get fed and pampered.

We were talking Colour Protect baby! Pantene’s newest range has 7 products, Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner, Volume Shampoo & Conditioner, Colour Seal Concentrate, 2 minute Damage Rescue Treatment and Instant Nourishing Shine Spray.


So the event was held in the Royal Suite in The Savoy which was very lovely, and we had an informal question & answer session with the lovely Cat Deeley:


Cat, naturally, has amazing hair and skin. I know it sounds mad but I used to adore her from SMTV and she basically, bar the hair and clothes, looks the same!

We had an informal Q&A and I submitted a few questions, one of them being, what beauty essentials do you carry in your bag? I am so nosy, I want to know what everyone carries in their bag…More gratuitous Cat photos! She is really lovely in person and spent time hopping around chatting to us individually;

Cat: “What are you doing tomorrow?”

Me: “Nothing”

….And there goes my chances of being her new BFF.


I recorded (with my shaky hand!) a segment of the Q&A where Cat was answering questions about Beauty! (I have already gone out and bought a Clinique Superbalm!):

We also had a colouring expert who told us about the Pantene Color Protect Colour Seal Concentrate (not released until January so not tried it personally yet). This rinse out treatment creates a thin veil like layer along the hair fibre which locks in the hair colour and increases shine; it can be used just once a week.

The experiment showed virgin hair and dyed hair; virgin hair floats, dyed hair sinks because it is porous:


Once the product is applied to dyed hair (there were some strand samples on the table), it became waterproof, sitting on top of the water. Also the feel of the hair was a lot smoother than hair that had not been treated (you know when you wash dyed hair and it is rough and completely dry?).

Amazing product, can’t wait to try it because my hair feels awful after washing. My hair colour (currently dark) fades VERY quickly and I wash my hair every single day – so this could be a great product for me if it locks the dye in.

So it was a fun evening and I was much pampered with my hair, nails and make up done by one of the nicest teams I’ve met at a blogger event.

Have you tried Pantene Pro-V Colour Protect yet?

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