Mascara Mission Post 3: Lancome Virtuose Waterproof.

Lancome are known for making some of the best mascaras in the world. Naturally I wanted to try it out some of their mascaras. Since I am obsessed with curl, their new release, Virtuose seemed like a natural choice:

The website blurb reads: Incredible 12 hour curve and longer looking lashes.
Stunning lash curler effect with the unique KeepCurl™ brush.
Extraordinary wear that’s virtually smudge-proof and tear-proof. Easily removable.

If the can trademark the brush, it has to be good right?!

The tube:

The trademarked brush:

I had high, high hopes for this product as it is marketing specifically as a lash curling product. Unfortunately, it did lengthen but didn’t do much else for me.

(Picture says L’extreme, but I did actually mean Virtuose):

Now to be fair, every mascara I test will be used on its own on clean lashes, curled, with no base. I will only use one coat.

Lengthening – 8/10. Gives a long lash effect, but makes lashes feel dry.

Volumising – 6/10. Not bad but this is more of a lengthening mascara.

Brush – 7/10. Pretty much a standard curved, thick brush to me. Was ok to to apply with.

Staying Power – 8/10. No flaking, or running.

Smell – No scent.

Clump or no Clump? – No clumping.

Price – 6/10 – £18.00

Packaging – 7/10 – simple, chic packaging.

Ease Of Removal – 7/10 – Nothing eye make remover can’t handle.

Curl Factor – 1/10. Sorry, but this product did not hold my curl, or enhance it in anyway. Within a few minutes my lashes had flopped into oblivion, and are still poker straight, and for some reason, my lashes were a bit sticky all day.

Verdict – For me, this product was good for lengthening, and kept lashes nicely separated with no clumping but it did absultulety nothing for curl. Nada. Infact, it pulled down my lashes and made them look straighter than usual. With a primer it could work better, but on it’s own, it does nothing for women who have very striahgt lashes. The texture was ok, the brush was ok, the packaging was ok. Ok does not equal a £18 mascara! I should get my money back!

Meanwhile, there’s a cool little quiz on where you can decide on what mascara is best for you – although the questions don’t make that much sense. Are you lashes long enough? Yes / No. Are they thick enough? Yes / No. Are they curly enough? Yes / No. Presumably most people will answer no to most of the questions other wise you would have been born with bionic lashes and have no need for mascara. Still if you are bored go here to try.

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