I’ve got Shills! Shills Electric Eye Concealer that is…

I love concealer. Its my essential product. If my house ever burnt down all you would find is a pile of bones and lots and lots of concealer. (Do bones burn? I’ll pretend they don’t).

My latest purchase, after being fairly underwhelmed by my recent expensive concealer hauls is this Shills Electra Eye Concealer.

It is very Benefit-y in terms of packaging:

shills electric eye concealer.jpg

I’ve noticed this sort of Benefit mocking with Shills and Baviphat (I think thats a Korean brand). Very retro. But then again The Balm also has that pin up girl look thing going on. Who is copying who?!

The concealer comes in a little pot:

shills electric eye natural concealer.jpg

Ok. So this comes in one shade. Its a light beige, possibly slightly salmony shade. It looks and feels very creamy but not thick – its more emollient that say, the Laura Mercier Under Eye Concealer.

It reminds me a bit of my Bobbi Brown Peach Corrector (love that – don’t know where its disappeared to though):

shills electric eye concealer-1.jpg

It looks even lighter on the skin.

A bit too light for me perhaps? I am a NC35…

Shills Concealer Electric Eye.jpg

Dotting it under my eye. I have no complaints at all about the texture – even in the cold it is soft and creamy and is also nicely opaque.

electric eye concealer shills .jpg

So then I blend blend blend….and the result is this. It took a while because I do feel that the shade is a tad light on a medium toned gal like me.

With enough blending, it looks fine – in fact it looks great! My entire face just looked that little bit more…alive? I certainly wouldn’t advise it for skins darker than mine I think it would make you look like a racoon.

shills concealer electric eye-1.jpg

I got this concealer from eBay for about £8 including shipping. Presuming that I don’t lose it in the next, oooh 48 hours (cats love to swipe my make up) then this is a keeper for me.

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  1. liloo says

    such a cute packaging, love it. is that the same brand that the arm pits stuff? i am confused dot com. x

  2. Sarah says

    Whao… because of ur review, I am so going to get it. We have this brand stocked here in Singapore in a department store called John Little and they frequently have 20% off plus membership discounts. It is sometimes cheaper to buy from there than from sprees. In return for all ur wonderful reviews, I am more than happy to help you save money from exorbitant prices on ebay!

  3. Valerie Tan says

    Hi i just checked yesterday and its sold out at JL. Any idea where else in Singapore sells this eye concealer?