Hallo Gorgeous! Haul: Helena Rubinstein Feline Blacks Pencil and Wanted Gloss

Helena Rubinstein deserves your respect. Why? It has been noted by some sources that she invented the mascara, the modern day mascara (not the first cake mascara) as we know it today, that is the wand in a tube, and the liquid formula.

MAKE UP by Helena Rubinstein, luxury beauty cosmetics and beauty products.jpg

But Helena Rubinstein the brand is not easy to get hold, certainly not in the UK or in the USA. I had some real old style HR make up years ago – the stuff you find in a bargain bin but I haven’t tried her new, revamped range out until now. Her spokeswoman is none other than Demi Moore.

I hauled two eye pencils, a duo and a lipgloss which no idea if they would be any good. Yeah, that’s how I shop:


The lipgloss range is called ‘Wanted’ and the shade is tanned beige – there is no justice in this photo but it is a simple stunning, light beige nude with micro sparkles running through it. Its a LIGHTWEIGHT gloss, quite sheer but perfect for summer.


The duo no. 47 (passion breath), a pink & plum. Soft and pigmented – not madly exciting but very elegant indeed –


The two feline kohls are absolutely gorgeous! The plum is a blackened deep purple and the black has lots of silver glitter particles in it. The pencils feel very soft but not metallic so they come off easily on the waterline and blend well to give the smudgy effect quite easily.


Swatches – the gloss, two liner and duo:


Overall, I am totally in love the the HR brand. The packaging is gorgeous, the colours are grown up but very elegant and the whole range is quite sexy…but its Classy. How I wish there was a proper counter in the UK or at least a way to buy online! For now, I have to keep my eye on eBay for deals, or www.facial-shop.com has odd ends and pieces.

It’s a stunning brand, one to lust after for sure.

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  1. trendoid says

    That looks so gorgeous! I always see it on strawberrynet but it’s too pricey for me to purchase sightunseen

    • Row says

      Hey Trendoid!

      Yes I agree, its sooooooooo expensive on Strawberrynet (the exchange rate has totally stopped me from shopping on there – I guess their prices are set quite closely by the market) . :( Check out ebay! they have some bargains and Facial shop have some lipsticsk for about $20 including shipping!

  2. says

    I read about Helena Rubenstein. She was one of the pioneers of the modern cosmetic industry, along with Elizabeth Arden. And she believed that cosmetics should also be linked with diet plans and exercise. Whole beauty, or something of the sort. Interesting lady. 😀

    • Row says

      Hey Abby

      Oh yes the history of it is very interesting. HR, Elizabeth Arden as you mentioned, Revlon, Maybelliene etc. all pioneers. Its a shame HR is not more widely purchaseable (ok thats not even a word!)

  3. Girl says

    Largely, all we know of Helena Rubinstein here is the States is her eponymous charitable foundation. She sounds like an interesting personality and I like that she wasn’t ashamed of and didn’t try to hide her ethnicity the way Estee Lauder did.

    I’ve always known that HR made her fortune in cosmetics, but until a few years ago I hadn’t realized the cosmetic line was still extant; somehow I thought it had been discontinued in the late ’80s. I’d like to try out the line sometime (as soon as I can find a buyer for that kidney) and I love (LOVE) that Demi Moore is the face of HR.

    • Row says

      Hey Girl!

      Mmm there may be some bargains about, I know you can get a gloss/lipstick for about $20 its really nice stuff. I like Demi and the fact she is older but can still represent a beauty brand. Must look up more about her!